Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Funny - Laugh

The fabulous Shelly from Tropical Mum has come up with a brilliant linky idea.
Each Friday she'll post something funny...
an old or new post
a video
a joke
a picture...

And because I haven't quite filled my week with linkies yet...
I'm joining in!

I saw this on Facebook during the week and it made me laugh.
Mostly because I need this advice more than anyone.
Being laughed at is something I don't take well.
I need to get over myself.

Have a funny a good way!
Linking this post with Shelly's

Be sure to click on the button for some more giggles.


  1. I saw that one on Facebook too. It made me chuckle. Thanks for joining in Thea, and thanks again for letting me know about the technical glitch/user error.


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