Thursday, November 3, 2011

Polly with a Stroller

Danielle from Danimezza has Polly with a stroller this week.

Polly is past having kids of her own.
But today she is pushing her younger cousin's adorable new baby in the stroller,
giving the new mum an hour or two of alone time to sleep.
Because that's what every new mum needs most!
Polly and her new little cousin are talking a walk through the local shopping centre.
Then they're going to sit in the park for awhile and watch the world go by.

Polly with a Stroller

This fun challenge is the brain child of
Danielle from Danimezza...
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  1. I love this look - the dress, the shoes, and that Hermes wrap watch!!!......I've been lusting after it forever - Ive even mentioned it in at least 2 posts!

  2. I love the simplicity of the dress, but the print and the touches of orange just lift the whole outfit. Great set!

  3. Gorgeous! The dress, the wedges and the accessories are fantastic :) I love the orange colour you've used.

  4. Cute, I think I'm gonna start playing along :)


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