Saturday, December 10, 2011

The 52 Week Project - I'm Ready!

Every week I'll be linking with Fiona from @mymummydaze and her "52 Week Project".

She says...

No, this isn’t a diet or exercise regime. It’s not a responsible financial system or an abstinence program. It’s not even a relationship-building sex challenge (although that does sound fun). Although I’m sure I could benefit from all of these year-long challenges, this is much simpler with no great philosophy or life-changing aims underpinning it. It’s a weekly photography self-portrait challenge.

My teeny tiny feet!

See that brand new iPod?
And see those band new shoes??
That means I am totally ready for my

brand new treadmill!!

And I can't wait.

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  1. Oh - your little feet are too cute!!
    You are tready ready.
    Woo hoo! Enjoy.

  2. Yay! That's very exciting! All that new!

    Enjoy your exercise! xx

  3. I'd forgotten how tiny your feet are......weirdo! I mean, no, umm, well, wow, bring it on! New you! Excellent :-)

  4. Hooray for new stuff!! Bring on fit Thea!

  5. Oh excellent Thea! Nothing like new things to give you that extra boost of enthusiasm. Hope all your new things received a good ol' workout :o) xo


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