Thursday, December 8, 2011

Friday Funny - Michael Bublé

The fabulous Shelly from Tropical Mum has come up with a brilliant linky idea.
Each Friday she'll post something funny...
an old or new post
a video
a joke
a picture...

And because I haven't quite filled my week with linkies yet...
I'm joining in!

I lurve Michael Bublé!!
I love his voice.
I love his songs.
And I love his sense of humour!
I saw this yesterday and the cynic in me wants to say it was all planned.
But it made me giggle anyway.

(Mild language warning -  if you have small ears around!)

Hope it made you giggle,too.
Have a funny a good way!

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  1. Totally put on, but I loved it. Did you notice that one of the videos that get recommended at the end of the video is one for the same boy, Sam Holly?

    I am starting to enjoy Michael Buble, and not just because he is from my hometown either. Someone shared his Christmas songs on Sunday Session, and I thought it would be a really nice album to have at this time of year.

    Thanks for linking up Thea. :)

  2. I love Michael too - he's got the sweetest personality. Whether all of it is put on or not at least his publicity is used wisely and of the nice kind.
    Gotta love that x


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