Monday, January 9, 2012

2012 The Year of Fit and Healthy

By now you probably know I got a treadmill for Christmas. If you don't, where have you been??
My goal for 2012 is to get fit and healthy.
Hopefully this will involve shedding quite a few kilos, too, but that is not my primary goal.
I need to move more to stop my poor old arthritic body stiffening up.
And as Mum had a heart attack in her early 60s, I want to make sure I keep my heart as healthy as I can.
I'm going to get on the treadmill every day.
Unless I'm not here, because it's a little difficult to pack in my suitcase.
But if I'm home, which is pretty much all the time, I'm hopping on that treadmill!
I'll heading down to the gym, aka the garage, turning the music up real loud,
and I'll be walking, or maybe even running jogging if the mood takes me.
I'm aiming for 3 - 5kms a day. In either one or two sessions.
So far so good.
I've been on every day since New Year's Day.
That's an awesome record for me!
I'm not following any particular diet, or counting calories.
But I am trying to eliminate sugar, cut down on bread and wheat products and eat less salt.
The foods I will be eating mostly (because let's face it, I'm no angel when it comes to diets) are -



Salads & herbs



Dairy, NO low fat, whole dairy full fat


Nuts & seeds

Beans & lentils


How good does all that food look!?
No processed junk anywhere!

I'll be trying to drink less of this, but I'm not real confident that will be achieved!

In an effort to help me stay on track and stick to my goals I created a Facebook Group called

Click on the link to check us out.
We're an awesome bunch.
No, really!!

And JOIN us!

Let's make...

Let's do it!!


  1. Good on you for goals!

    Now if only I had that much energy,lol.

  2. This is fantastic. Well done.
    Happy treading.

  3. Awesome goal for the new year!! My husband and I have made the same goal but were working out with the xbox which we got for Christmas.
    Keep up the great work!


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