Friday, January 13, 2012

The Cube

Can you do the cube?
Rubik's cube, that is.
I can!
I don't use instructions, and I didn't memorize the instructions.
I worked it out all by myself.
And I'm not sure how, really.
I can't quite believe that I could, now that my brain power is significantly diminished, being post 40 and all.
I just remember sitting with it for hours and hours while I watched TV as a teen.
Until, bingo, I cracked the code!
I can still do it now, usually in under 5 minutes. Definitely in under 10 minutes.
I can't imagine sitting with anything for so long now, trying to solve the mystery.

Have you lost patience?
Have you lost brain power??
Do you have a sneaky talent that no one knows about???


  1. I've solved it once, but it must have been by fluke, because I certainly could never have done it in under five minutes. I might get one for the kids next birthday and see if I can master the challenge!

  2. Strange things happened to my post. Hopefully the third time is the charm. I remember sitting with the Rubiks Cube when it first came out until I "got it." Today, even at almost 60, I can focus on a project for hours if I am interested in it. I often do when working on a photo in Photoshop or some other technical task.

  3. Oh my gosh are you freakin'SERIOUS people!!! I thought that thing was virtually unsolvable except for geniuses! Well there you are, three geniuses all in the one spot!

    Gobsmacked. Truly gobsmacked. xx

  4. I did the Rubiks Cube. Once. When I was 30. Just so I can say I did it. I've not had the urge to do it again. And yes! I followed instructions. (Gotta love Google, he knows everything)

  5. I am so impressed with you right now.

  6. I've never done it, but then after 5 mins of playing with it, i'm bored, so never really tried LOL

  7. Bravo. Mucho impressedo!
    It took me a while to think something up but (apart from speaking fake Spanish), I can snap my fingers REALLY loudly. *SNAP SNAP SNAP*!!

  8. Never in my life have I solved that thing. Not even the cheaper 3 x 3 square versions. Kudos to you!

  9. That is very clever Thea. I have tried that darn thing many a times, but never cracked it. My cheeky brothers used to take the whole thing apart and put it back together to trick me that they'd done it. Brothers! ;o) xo

  10. I played with the cube for some time...gave up!
    It seems I dont have the gift for it, I dont feel bad though because I sure have other gifts but not this particular one...


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