Tuesday, January 3, 2012

To Wake or Not To Wake

This evening I almost caused World War 3 when I brought up the horrifically tragic story of Matt Golinski.
If you don't know what I'm talking this.

I loved watching Matt on Ready Steady Cook.
I was devastated to hear the news about the loss of his entire family.

Tonight, for dinner conversation, I told my husband that I had seen in today's news that it was likely that he would pull through.
Then I made this comment...

"This is probably a horrible thing to say but...would you want to wake up?"

Well, would you?

My husband said something about guilt and whether it was his fault or not.
I don't think guilt would, or should, come into it.
This to me is the most devastaing thing that could possibly happen in life.

I know life is a precious thing.
I'm sure many people do not want to lose Matt as well.
And I do know that people can move on after horrific tragedies.

But I'm just asking you...

Would you want to wake up?


  1. I had this conversation with my mum today. I know I wouldn't want to wake up. Losing my husband and my boys would not be something I could survive. My Mr's Gran lost her husband & two oldest children in an accident and I've never met a more traumatized woman in all my life and I didn't meet her til she was 85. I also know how much suffering Matt will be put through with his burns recovery. My Mum survived a fire and has burns of a similar amount and nature to what Matt has suffered. I know people survive such horrendous things happening to them but I know in my heart of hearts I would be a shell of a person.

  2. See, for me I would hope that I was spared for a reason - perhaps to live so that their lives were not wasted, to honour those that were real and loved and should not have died.

    It is a topic oft discussed at the moment (obviously) but I think in instances like this (and the tragic housefire last year where one person lost was it 7 members of his immediate family?), sometimes you need to throw your faith into something other than your own life and existence and hope to hell (so to speak) that there is something more.

    One thing is for sure - and that is that all of his extended family have lost a large chunk of people who they loved - how much more devastating to lose another?

  3. I don't think anyone can answer that question. I think it would be the hardest thing in the world to deal with, like the tonga guy who lost his whole family wife, kids, parents in the fire. He is on permanent suicide watch because he can't live without his family. Matt was a wonderful chef and a delight to watch on RSC. But whether he wants to wake up or not is something will can only wait and see and pray that he can come through this tragic event.

  4. It's so devastating. I'd only want to wake if I could change people's lives as in go to schools and the like telling my story in the hope it wouldn't happen to others.

    Who knows what we'd individually do at the end of the day, hopefully none of us will find out...

  5. To have lost everything and wake? Gosh, I think it would be pretty unbearable.


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