Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sunday Session

New rules - there are no rules!
On Sundays I play music on my blog.
Old or new or in between.
Related or not.
But always songs I love!
Here are my picks for this week.
You can play along by linking up below.
Can't wait to hear your picks.

Happy Sunday!

This week, for your listening pleasure, I have two different songs with the same name.
The first one is from my high school crush...Howard Jones. This was one of his later songs. It wasn't a big hit, but I loved it the moment I heard it. I bought the single on vinyl when I was at college. I'd never seen the music video until this week when I went searching for the song for the Sunday Session. He looks a little different to how I remember him. To me he will always look like this...

I was seriously in love with him and his hair!!

And here's another one, same name, different song.
Loads of people have covered this song, I don't even know who sang the original.
Wait there...I'll ask Mr Wiki...
Oh, he tells me it was Robert Knight in 1968. Hey, this song is as old as me!!
Another version I like is Gloria Estefan's, Jamie Cullum's is great, too.
But this one is my favourite.
Bono is a bit of a dish isn't he? Oh, those Irish eyes!


  1. Howard Jones does look different! I'm with you on how I remember him.

    Love the Bono version.

  2. such romantic songs for this week.. is there anything special on?

    Valentines day doesn't exist in our house :(

    1. Nope, we're in a rut of nagging and grunting at each other at the moment. I have a feeling Valentine's Day will be mocking me this year. :(

  3. I never had a crush on Howard Jones, but I always loved his songs. This one has a real eighties sound and a delightfully silly eighties style video. Mummies with icecreams - wt?

    I've always loved the second Everlasting Love song no matter who sings it! Bono does look cute in this, but Larry steals the show. He is such a hottie! xx

  4. I feel like I have perhaps lead a somewhat sheltered music life as I have no idea who Howard Jones is and can't even say I listened to the song and went ooohhhh that's who is. I have heard of the U2 song though and it is one of my favs

    1. It's possible you are way too young Rhianna. Howard Jones was huge in the 80's, but this song was never big. :)

  5. I don't think I know Howard Jones, but wow - that hair is epic! I love the second Everlasting Love though, U2 did such a great version.


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