Friday, March 2, 2012


"My kids are growing up way too fast."

Everyone says this, right?'s true!

When I began blogging my two children were 4 and 1.
Now they're 7 and 4!
And I'm sure I only blinked once.

As they grow, there are less things that I need to do for them.
I no longer have to...

change nappies
do midnight feeds
rock them to sleep
dress them
bath them
spoon feed them
push them in a stroller
brush their teeth
get drinks or snacks for them
witness their toileting
carry them
strap them into the car

...and I'm very happy about that.
Each new thing they can do for themselves is one step closer to freedom.

On the other hand, it's one step closer to redundancy...
...and I'm not at all happy about that!


  1. Look at it this way - you are now closer to starting to do all those things again ... I am. ;-) (Well, hopefully you still have many years to recover until you get to start it again. Good news is, you'll enjoy it even more with the second wave.)

  2. Think of it as blossoming, not redunancy! You're coming out of one of the biggest and most intense creative periods of your life - raising little people. And now you've been left with not a hole that needs filling but a wealth of enriching You-time! xxx something like that, anyway ;-)

  3. You will never be redundant - conversation is the best on going gift you can continually give to your children.

  4. Never redundant - deployed maybe!
    The dependency changes, but I think the guidance role actually increases in value.
    There are so many more outside influences - and Mum's love/strength/support becomes even more important and stabilising.
    :-) xxx

  5. Wow, this is an interesting way of looking at it Thea. And funnily enough, I actually used that very word this week in relation to my mothering. Basically in light of my recent circumstances, I am so grateful to have my little Felix, who is still kind of a baby, just to make me feel less redundant. But as Shar points out, we're never really redundant, just called upon less than before xoxo

  6. So true Thea, and so beautifully expressed! With our youngest now at pre-prep or kindy (or whatever you want to call it a few days a week) there are some things that are still such a novelty to do on my own.

  7. Oh Thea, you have a few years before you become an 'empty nester' and even then you will never be redundant, just have time for a new life adventure!


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