Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday Session - Over and Out

I've had a lot of fun with the Sunday Session for over two years now.
But it seems it has run its course.

There are still some very loyal and very lovely contributers, so if any of you would like to take the reins, I would be so happy about that.

But for's goodnight from me...and the Sunday Session.


  1. That's a shame! It's been fun. I was actually thinking of swapping to another day, either Saturday or Monday, now that we're going back to church on Sundays.

    Thanks for introducing me to a lot of music I maybe wouldn't have found, and for the chance to find other blogging friends.

    I'm sure we'll both still have music posts, and you're welcome to drop by anytime. :)

  2. Thea, I'm really sorry to hear that you won't be doing this anymore. This is my favourite linkup, it's great to have an excuse to play some music on my blog.

    I already run a linkup on my blog on Sundays (rather unsuccessfully I might add!) so I'm not in a position to take this one on, as much as I would love to do so. And I feel especially bad as I didn't link up this week either...

    I hope someone can take it on - but if they don't I still think I will play music on my blog on Sundays, thanks to you!

  3. Doh! I had just today posted that I wanted to get back into SS. I've missed joining in. :(

  4. Thea, I'd love to take over SS if no-one else is interested. I always love to see what music people are listening to and it really sets off my Sunday to a good start.

  5. Thanks for the wonderful job you've done in keeping it going! I'm also ready to get back into it, after doing some research about the best way for me to share music I love, without stepping on people's toes...big thanks to the Veggie Mama herself, Stacey for the info :) I'm hoping to write a post about it soon. I love reading about all the different things that you blog about, so I'll still be hanging around. Hope the school holidays are going well for you. xx Alice

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