Friday, July 17, 2009

Tweaking It

OK, I did start a blog, so now I'm going to attempt to say something. Here goes.....

I have spent a lot of time lately contemplating doing things that I've previously (& vociferously) have never wanted to do before. Things like blogging, running, writing a 'Things I WANT to do Before I Die' list (as opposed to the 'Things I NEVER want to Do Before I die' list that I always said I would rather write), and even climbing a mountain for goodness sake.

I've always been good at a few things like sewing, anything crafty, playing the piano, and I've always been happy to stick with those things. "I do what I like to do, don't try anything new", was my motto. I usually like indoor pursuits & used to particularly love doing nothing in particular. So I'm wondering why now, at the age of 40, I'm thinking about all these 'other' things so much. Particularly when I don't really have the opportunity right now, with two little persons who need my constant attention, to do anything for myself.

And perhaps therein lies my answer. It is probably the combination of a PRE mid-life crises, needing some 'me time' and getting a little tired of the same old same old. Perhaps life is about trying new things, being brave and maybe even a little adventurous after all. I must be in desperate need of a little excitement. As much as I do love to sit around doing nothing, it's not good for my health, my fitness or my head space, and it is definitely not being a good role model for my children.

I'm only 40, that's less than half way there I hope. So if I want to make it to 100 with a strong & healthy mind & body (and I do!), I might need to tweak a few things, starting from now.

So there you go, I've done one thing that I said I would never do. Now onto some more!!

Wow, that felt good! :)


  1. Love it. So real, light and refreshing. Yea! Can't wait to learn more about the Aussie sister. You're off to a great start. Loved what you had to say and relate so much, as I just turned 41. I find myself wanting to do crazy things, I'd never imagined doing before. Look forward to your next entry. : )

  2. For my non-writing sister you sure can string words together well. Love it! :-)

  3. You may not be surprised to know the number of people I've met or talked to between the ages of 35-40 who have the same feelings :)

    Keep up the blogging, you'll find it cathartic.


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