Sunday, August 9, 2009

Let's Dream

Everyone loves to dream, right? Especially when you're stuck in the 'same old same old'. Sometimes it's fun to step out of the mundane and put yourself smack bang in the middle of your dream existence. I feel like doing it right now! You can join the fun too if you wish.

1. If you could be anyone or do anything, what would your dream career be?
2. If you could be any weight, what would you weigh?
3. If you could live anywhere, where would you live?
4. If you could have any number of children, how many would you have?
5. If you could win a ridiculous number of millions in a lottery, what would be the first thing you'd buy?
6. If you could take up, or spend more time on a hobby, what would it be?
7. If you could speak any language, what would your first language be?
8. If you could have a special talent, what would it be?
9. If you could live to any age, what would it be?
10. If you could jump on a plane/train/bus right now, where would you go?

My Answers
1. Wedding co-ordinator/bridal designer (I love a wedding!)
2. 56kg (that's -6kg)
3. Beechmont (with an ocean view)
4. Two (and I do)
5. A mansion (and maybe hire a maid while I'm at it)
6. Gardening (I'd love lots of garden rooms)
7. French (or Italian??)
8. Dance ('cause I know I can't dance)
9. 104 (with all my faculties of course)
10. The Maldives (and I'd be 56kgs so no need to worry about the bikini bod!)

I would love to hear your answers. Come on, dare to dream!


  1. 1. I'd love to be a professional photographer or a world known chef

    2. 130 lbs. (don't know how many kgs. that is)

    3. I'd probably stay here in good ol' Alababma USA

    4. 2 or 3

    5. I'd tithy my 10 percent first, then I'd buy all my friends houses and cars.

    6. cooking

    7. German

    8. Writing

    9. I'd live forever, in good health of course.

    10. I'd go to Maine cause I've never been north of Tennessee, but I'd drive there myself cause I love a good road trip.

  2. my answers -

  3. Coming over from blog gems. :-)

    104 sounds like a ripe old age!

  4. I'd like to be a successful writer
    I need to drop 14lbs
    Wherever my family were but hopefully Ireland or Italy
    I'd have the two I have got!
    A house with land
    I would study English Lit and History
    I would learn to speak French properly (not like at school)
    I would live to 100 and jump off a cliff with my 101yr old husband
    Rome every time!
    Great post idea. Thanks!!

  5. Great post Thea. I'd be a best-selling author who weighs 5kg less has two children and has homes in several countries. The first thing I'd buy with ridiculous millions is an artwork or, if possible, the ability to do craft without stuffing it up every time. I'd love to speak French because it sounds hot, live to 98 in pure, sound health and fly to Paris right now.

  6. Hi-over from blog gems...I guess my answers would be..*sigh* they change from one minute to the next..I guess I'd like a never ending cup of strong coffee at the perfect temperature by my side always..that would make me pretty happy. :D

  7. 1. I would be a travel TV presenter!
    2. 50kg (also -6kg)
    3. Noosa
    4. Two (I couldn't handle any more than I have!)
    5. That house in Noosa (and then another in Tuscany)
    6. Photography and surfing
    7. Italian
    8. I'd love to sound brilliant when I sing
    9. 90 - that just seems long enough to me
    10. Any tropical paradise

    Thanks for the permission to indulge myself w/ a bit of daydreaming (love it)!! :)

  8. Ok, here goes:

    1. Anything to do with computers!
    2. The same weight I was before I had my first child *sighs*
    3. Canada
    4. 3 (which I have, would have loved a set of twins though, so maybe 4)
    5. I'd update the car and then go out and buy an iPad for the family members that keep 'borrowing' mine!
    6. Computers :D
    7. Irish (I can speak a bit, but have lost my fluency)
    8. hhhmmmm, don't know....
    9. 98
    10. Canada :)

    This was very enjoyable, gotta go think about the talent I would like to have :)



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