Saturday, August 8, 2009

Caring about the Comments

When I first started blogging (not that long ago) I made this crazy rule for myself that I would not write another entry until someone commented on the last one.

My train of thought went something like this...

Checking my new blog for comments...still no comments?...why isn't anyone commenting? it a boring blog? it dumb?...did I say something wrong?...what did I say?...doesn't anybody like me???....right, that's it....DELETE!

It's my teenage side...

Well I've decided to get mature and not get so hung up on getting comments. I'm not waiting for someone to comment before I write another post, or deleting the post if it gets no comments. (See, told you, so mature!)

If I think it, I'll blog about it. If I feel it, I'll blog about it. If I did it, I'll blog about it.

If no one reads it, I don't care. If no one comments, I don't care. However, I would absolutely love it if you did comment. But, no pressure, it's totally up to you...of usual.

Care to comment?


  1. cute post...I blog, but have only had one comment the whole time...most read it on Facebook & comment there. I feel ya, though :) This comments for you!

  2. im going to comment on why no one is commenting on your lovely blog site...Thea,s a lovely lady who took time out to do a blog even tho sometimes she is in need of a lay in on some mornings....But still as tired as she gets she still blogs (well done Thea) x so please comment...x x x x

  3. Comments are a numbers game.

    People read stuff, but realistically, when it comes to blog comments (indeed any kind of online contribution) you need like a 10 to 1 ratio, of people viewing to people commenting.

    Of course, if you say something contentious, you'll get a bigger response.

    I did a technical blog entry and got about 250 visitors - an 6 comments.

    So, keep at it, build an audience, and don't take it personally. Sometimes people are just content to accept what you say. :)

  4. Hi Thea, I totally agree with what Steven has said in his comment. Keep up with the blogs fellow scorpio!

    I do enjoy them and can relate very well.


  5. Thanks so much guys!! Seems fishing for comments works...LOL ;)
    No really, I know I really was being 'teenage', looking for validation & approval. Then I realized I real a lot of blogs & don't always comment. So I'm all good now.

    But thanks again for the validation & approval, you've made my day! :D

  6. Nice post. I used to do the same thing, but now I don't worry about it. My blog is just a personal outlet of what's going on in my life and funny stuff I see from time to time. If anyone reads it, that's great, if they leave a comment it's even better ... I know that the post is there permanently and someone might find it in the future.

    I also have access to my logs so I can see how people find my blog through search engines - and that's enough of a laugh to make it all worthwhile!

  7. I comment whenever I can, especially if someone has commented on my blog (will always go and check out theirs and comment). But I only comment if I feel I have something interesting to say/add. If I don't comment, it's because I've got nothing to say! But I'm like you, love comments. So often friends and family will tell me they love my blog or email me, but they never actually comment on it. Don't know why - maybe arai of entering their details

  8. the question is - are you writing the blog for yourself or others. if i waited for comments, my blog would have hardly any posts! you're taking the right atttitude!


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