Monday, August 31, 2009

Memory Bank - Full To Capacity

I know they say that after you have children you are suddenly inflicted with a very difficult to diagnose condition called "Mother's Brain". In other words your brain is officially stuffed.

My memory has never been fantastic...but it was never completely shot either.

I'm starting to suspect that my condition is compounded by the fact that I'm getting a little longer in the tooth and surely the memory bank region of the brain has a finite capacity. I'm thinking mine is full. No more room in the inn, memories...sorry, can't let you in.

Why else could I not remember placing keys back in the key basket only 30 minutes ago? Or not be able to remember anything unless I have written it on a list and refer to said list regularly? Or turn around to do 'something' and instantly forget what that 'something' was???

I've done a lot of things, known a lot of people, lived in a lot of places which results in a LOT of memories. Thinking about it...I'm not at all surprised that my memory bank filing system is outmoded and/or outdated and the little overworked PA most likely handed in her (or his) resignation ages ago and I've forgotten about the memo alerting me to that fact.

Oh well...what was I saying?


  1. my mummy brain never came back - names - I used to remember everyone's name now...

  2. it does affect Dad's too ;)


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