Monday, August 31, 2009

My Latest Thing

Right, so I've tried the longest succession of 'things' in the name of fitness, weight loss, health it's rapidly turning into a full blown battle of the bulge!  I am totally over seeing myself in the mirror or photos and thinking I look like I'm wearing a fat suit.  What I see just isn't me!

The stats:
Height - 158cm
Weight - 63.something kgs
BMI - 25.4 (that's in the overweight range people!)
Conclusion - F.A.T.

So, my next big idea in the line up of 'big ideas' is a new and improved variation on something I've tried too many times to even remember.....*sigh*

It's 46 days until my 41st birthday.  My goal is to lose 'some' weight.  I'm not putting a number on it because I get too caught up with numbers.  I'm going to blog a checklist every day.  Not too many things and nothing difficult.  Just some minor, manageable changes that I'm going to DO every day.

I would love a little cheer squad, motivators, consultants...whatever you want to call yourself.  But, I can go this alone because it's going to be so easy (hahaha) and I am going to stick to it.  (My goodness, I'm so pumped with my own postivity! )

Yeah, anyway....let's just wait and see how it all goes, shall we?

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