Monday, October 12, 2009

Aging Gracefully? Yeah, right!

Some people say you are as old as you feel.  In that case, I'd be about 33.  But one look in the mirror shatters any notion that I may still be 30-something.  I resemble my aunty.  Not the thin and gorgeous one.  The one that has always been a bit overweight and has a double chin.

What don't I like about aging?  Let me spell it out for you -

1.  Grey hairs.  Plucking solved that problem for awhile, but now I'm seriously fearing I may get bald spots if I keep that up.  So some lighter foils are attempting to 'combat silver' (as my hairdresser said).  They work pretty well, until I get the dreaded regrowth!

2.  Wrinkles.  Ones that no amount of miracle creams (and I've tried a truck load) will erase.

3.  A hooded eyelid.  I guess one is better than two.  But apart from being very unattractive, it feels permanently sleepy, like it is just too tired to open properly.

4.  Deeply lined neck.  These are not wrinkles, they are way worse!

5.  Crepey arms.  Seriously, they just look like nanna arms.  Which wouldn't be so bad if I was one, but I'm not...yet!!

6.  Poor eyesight.  I used to laugh at my Mum for holding things at arm's length to read.  Guess what I'm doing now?  It also makes my two favourite hobbies, reading and sewing, much more difficult.  Glasses would probably solve this problem, but I just haven't got around to that yet.

7.  Numbers.  Numbers do matter!  '4' anything just feels wrong.

8.  Arthritis.  Of the rheumatoid variety.  This one doesn't hit everyone, just a chosen few like me.

There is cosmetic surgery....but I would not do that few a few reasons -

a)  I could never spend that much money on myself.
b)  I'm OK with pain just to look good when it comes to things like wearing very high, very uncomfortable heels...but surgery??  NOPE!
c)  And finally, this is purely my opinion, but I think old looks better than plastic.

There is another perfect solution.  Only thing is, it hasn't been invented yet.  I just need three packs of pills:
Pack One is for age reversal - "Take one tablet daily until you look and feel just right.  WARNING - don't go too far!!"
Pack Two is for maintenance - "Take one tablet daily to make time stand still.  Stop taking if you feel you need to age a little more.  For example, when you start to look younger than your children."
Pack Three is for normal aging (let's call this a vitamin) - "Take one tablet daily for good health.  When you feel you are looking a bit old and craggy again, start back at the first pack and repeat the process."

I look to the media and find so many beautiful 'older' faces that I can aspire to.  But then I look at the real world and don't see so many.  

I'm aging, I have to live with it!  But I don't have to like it!!


  1. Me too :) still - from your picture you are very beautiful, I have had grey hair since age 18, and aging gracefully (if we can get enough people to join us) could be wonderful.
    I have heard wonders about Retin-A cream for wrinkles and lines and scars (of which I have many) but its a choice between the cream or the sun...sigh...
    Why can't aging gracefully be in fashion?

  2. I'll sign-up for the packs!

    Oh and some of us guys like the "wrinkles" - I'm not talking granny age, but it's a sign of maturity which can be damn sexy ;)

    LOL :)

  3. Just found your blog by following link from another blog... and love what I have read... then I read this post... nodding, smiling, agreeing... then I read you are one of the chosen... arthritis... me too, also of the rheumatoid kind.
    Shall be back to read more : )


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