Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wish List

My birthday is less than a week away so I'm going to make like a kid and write a birthday wish list.  Well, lists are a speciality of mine and I love to dream so it's the perfect opportunity to go wild.....

1.  At least 3 hours of solitary bliss to have a raging shopping spree and buy some new clothes!

2.  Dinner out with my little family (we haven't done that yet).

3.  A really good (and one that works) hair straightner...yes, of course I mean a ghd!!

4.  A Dyson vacuum cleaner.  "What?" I hear you say...."A vacuum cleaner for your birthday present???"  Yes, yes, yes...I would LOVE a vacuum cleaner that I don't detest with a passion.

5.  A home cooked (or Thai take-away) dinner with my husband, with a couple of bottles of something sparkley of course.

6.  A beautiful bunch of pink roses.

7.  Perfume, possibly Burberry Brit this time.

8.  A sewing and embroidery machine.

9.  A black baby grand piano.

10.  A brand new home, something along the lines of this: Endeavour prize home, or this: Boystown prize home, or even this: RSL Prize home

11.  Oh, and world peace!!!

Happy birthday to me!


  1. oh u deserve it all! and I know! I want a dyson too!! I am hoping to get one soon... I have contacts!!

  2. Oh, lucky you! I'll have to get my people in touch with your people...LOL ;)

  3. I reckon you'll be getting the lot! you deserve it :)

  4. I said...I WISH!! :)

  5. I am the birthday wish fairy and world peace I can do - peaceful, harmonious family meal....mmmm may be a bit tricky

  6. i want a dyson too. I hate vaccuum cleaners with bags that you have to change
    happy birthday!


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