Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sexiest Man Alive

Well I have been pleasantly surprised this morning.

Today is the big release day of the second Twilight movie (apparently) and it was all over the TV news this morning.  As I was looking at a scrawny, ashen, completely unattractive (to me) young boy, I felt old age slap me in the face again.  I remembered when women of my mother's era (not my mother because she just wasn't 'like that') drooling over Paul Newman and Robert Redford and I just used to think they were old men.  This morning I thought I'd turned into an oldie because I just don't get this Robert Pattinson thing at all!!  Give me Brad Pitt, Hugh Jackman, even Tom Cruise any day.

And then it happened.  Another item on the TV news...the announcement of the new 'Sexiest Man Alive'.  I was a little sad to see Hugh Jackman's reign come to an end and had fully expected to see Robert Pattinson take the title because he was apparently a shoe in or shoo in (where did that come from by the way??).  But no, the new 'Sexiest Man Alive' is Johnny Depp.  Oh thank God.  The world has not gone mad and I have not turned into an old fogie overnight.  PHEW!!

So I thought I'd have a little fun this morning and name my top 10 list of the Sexiest Men goes....

10.  Simon Baker - he's been a hottie since the days of E Street when he was Simon Denny, then Simon Baker-Denny and now Simon Baker.

9.  Pierce Brosnan - I was a massive Remington Steele fan...he was why!

8.  David Beckham - OK, we all know about his voice, but you can't deny he's a good looking man (when you can't see his tatts).

7.  Owen Wilson - He cute and funny, gotta love that!

6.  Hugh Grant - Yes, I know he's foppish, but I happen to find foppish very attractive.

5.  Hugh Jackman - another Hugh.  Can't go past last year's winner.

4.  Matthew McConaughey - Oh yeah, and he comes with a Texan drawl.

3.  Tom Cruise - I know, I know, he's a little nutty.  But he's gorgeous, always has been, always will be!!

2.  Brad Pitt - There's only one word for Mr Pitt....Phwaw!!!!!!

(Drum roll please)

My Number 1 husband.  And as much as I would love to put a pic of him on he would kill me if I did.  Let's just say he's the best bits of all the men above rolled into one.  Yep, he's that good!  I married him for his looks, of course.

So ladies, have some fun with me, who are your top 10 sexiest men alive?
Oh, OK fellas, you can join the fun, who are your top 10 sexiest women alive??

PS Or men's top 10 men, or ladies' top 10 women (you're quite right Emily!)


  1. hey! there are some fella's out there who might like to name their top 10 sexy men...!! he he he! my top sexiest man I have ever met would be mr dentist!! NO JOKES! he's lovely, he's funny, he's kind!! and he's just so damned SEXYYY!!!

  2. Dont let the blokes loose on this one... All you will see is boobs!! LOL

  3. oh and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE hugh grant and simon baker.. apart from that... nope, they are about it!

  4. Hugh Jackman - from the day I first saw him playing "Curly" in the musical Oklahoma. I think i was yr 7 or 8!! He's my free pass and I am desperate to use it!

  5. We're the same age, but I'm shocked to see that none of the people in your top 10 would be in my top 10. I guess there are plenty of sexy older guys to go around, huh?

    Oh and BTW, I don't find RPattz sexy either. But give me Ed Westwick from Gossip Girl ANY day!

  6. Lucky that 'hotness' is so subjective otherwise we'd all be wanting the same man!! I don't even know who Ed Westwick is...oh no, I must be old after all! lol ;)

  7. Wanna hear a secret, I have had the good fortune to meet both Johnny Depp AND Hugh Jackman and I just want to say that not only are they both gorgeous, they were both insanely nice guys. What a pleasant surprise is that.

  8. OMG, I bow down and worship you!!! You're the luckiest lady alive! :)

  9. Ok.. yes, attractive men... but then I read Aussie-waffler has MET Johnny Depp & hugh Jackman... lucky, lucky, lucky!


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