Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Things I Love To Do

I'm a dreamer so these are my favourite kinds of lists.  This is the list of things I love to do.  Come dream with me...

1.  Blog - I spend way too much time on my new found addiction.  My name is Thea and I am a blog addict!

2. Tweet - this was my addiction until I found blogging, still love it though.  I've got the best tweeps!!

3.  Read - big, juicy, historical romance sagas are my favourite.

4.  Laugh - who doesn't love to laugh?  Laughing 'til you cry or you can barely breathe is soooo good.

5.  Drink - of the alcoholic variety, I try not to every night though.

6.  Create - sew, design, knit, crochet, stitching, beading, jewellery...if it's crafty, I love it!!

7.  Relax - preferably with a cool breeze, a nice view and a book or magazine...pure bliss.

8.  Play - whether at a theme park or in the kids' bedrooms, bringing out the inner kid brings out the joy.

9.  Sing - but only when no one is listening (excluding the kids).

10.  Dance- although I might feel a bit nerdy doing it these days, it's been a long time.

11.  Eat - especially out.

12.  Holiday - anywhere away from home (I just hate the packing bit).  Nothing is as good as a holiday!

13.  Travel overseas - there's nothing more exciting than taking off in a big jet plane...of course the flight is as boring as hell...but the things you see when you get there make it worthwhile.

14.  Photos - I love to take them, edit them, photoshop them, file them, collect them, collate them, print them, frame them, put them into albums and watch them as a screensaver.  I have over 21 000 photos on my computer and I can more than likely locate any one of them in less than 30 seconds, oh yes I can!

15.  Weed - I know, this is a bit of a weird one.  But I do love to get out in the garden and pull those little suckers out!

16.  Swim - Yes, I hate togs & sunscreens & sun.  But I love water and once I'm in, I don't want to get out.

17.  Party - friends + drinks + music = party...woohoo!!

18.  Celebrate - weddings, Christmas, birthdays...parties with purpose!!!

19.  Cuddle - I'm a snuggler, I love cuddling...but only my husband and my kids.

20.  Sleep-in - I'm a night owl, I love staying up late so sleeping-in is essential but non-existent these days because my kids are up at the crack of dawn...oh well, *yawn*.


  1. Love it all! I love many, many of these things too...

    No. 15 - thought you were referring to something else there for a minute. ;)

  2. LOL, didn't even think of that!! Oops, hehehe :)

  3. I love it and I love to drink everyday ..anything else and it is considered binge drinking.....not sure about the travelling os...think you can have that one love e x

  4. Can relate to quite a few on this list! Water... I could swim all day! I love to create.... but I can't sew to save my self!

  5. grrr! this is the 3rd time I have posted this comment!!! am I being censored??? I love all of the above.. not so keen on cuddling.. I guess with a partner somewhat... and definitely don't like weeding... I don't like dirt.. but this is about what I DO like... I love junk mail, I love to cook.. to bake.. I love to drink coffee, I love to people watch and I love to wander about the shops


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