Friday, November 6, 2009

Why Can't I...Just Do It??

I love a clean house...but I just can't get into the habit of regular cleaning.
I love feeling fit...but I just don't stick to a regular exercise program.
I love being thin...but I just won't stop overeating.
I love having fabulous hair...but I just don't get to the hair salon often enough. (Although I did today!!)
I love wearing nice clothes...but I just seem to buy more kids' clothes these days.
I love a clean car...but I just never wash it.
I love laughing with friends...but I just don't call/text/e-mail, ever.
I love seeing family and friends...but I just find packing and travelling such an effort.

What's wrong with me?
What can't I JUST DO IT???


  1. it's all sooo true.. I Spent the day lamenting that I haven't got to the gym since wednesday... blaaahhh!! why can't I just get off my big fat arse and DO IT!!!!!

  2. I totally could have written that post, I can relate to every single point. Why don't we do it ? Um...not sure..I'm a bit busy surfing the blogosphere...I'll get back to you on that.... ;)

  3. I sat in front of Ellen on tv today and said to myself, 'When "The View" starts, I'll get up and iron.' The View started. I sat. It took me 15 mins to get up and iron.

    It's a vicious circle this thing called Life...

  4. I read somewhere the other day that said "dont wait for motivation - it will never come. You just have to do it". I have kept that one in my thoughts and it actually has been stopped me putting things off.

  5. can I just RT this whole thing to my life? lol


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