Thursday, November 5, 2009

I Hate Change - Or Do I?

Isn't change a funny thing?
I'm usually the first to say I hate change.  But after a change I always feel so much more alive.

Today was our 5 year old boy's Prep Orientation day.  He got to check out 'The Big School' for a couple of hours and I got to check out just how much our lives are about to change.  I've been preparing him (and myself) for months but when the moment of change arrives it's never the same as the way I've played it out a million times in my mind.  We aren't actually in the new phase of our lives just yet, he doesn't start until next year.  But this morning as I dropped him off and picked him up I scanned the sea of new faces (and three familiar ones) and wondered who if any I will get to know better, become friends with or never see again.  I get a ridiculous burst of adrenalin when I'm faced with anything the slightest bit out of my comfort zone, so right now I am buzzing big time.  This is a big step.  Our first child is starting school.  Our whole world is on a precipice.  It is almost time to wave goodbye to our old lives....a new adventure is about to begin!


  1. I still remember the day my kids stared school... it is a big step for everyone... here's to the new adventures! : )

  2. I'll be doing the same thing at the same time... only with no orientation. We're hitting our 5 year old with a change in country and starting big school all in the one week. Oh my word... how will we all handle it?!

  3. After being messed up twice with kids starting school - when it was time for the third I started homeschooling - life is much easier now. Never thought I'd be one of those crying mums on first day... but I was!


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