Thursday, December 3, 2009

Do It Right!!

Some things simply must be done right, in my house anyway.

One of those being, the clothes must be hung properly on the clothes line.
I can't bear it when my husband has them strewn all over the line, pegged willy nilly without due care and attention.

Clothes must be shaken to within an inch of their lives, hung with two pegs (if they're the same colour it's a bonus) completely straight and the pegs must be pegged in an unobtrusive position.

Here's how my husband does it - grab a peg, grab a garment, stick the peg on, repeat.

Argh, honestly I can't stand it.  No, I am not grateful that he is helping.  It is not a help when you end up with a completely crumpled, misshapen, peg pock marked basket of clothes.

Just let me do it myself.

Oh and don't get me started with washing the clothes.  Obviously Laundry 101 for Men comes without the sorting chapter!

But of course, I do love him for trying, because the thought really does count.


  1. Must be a boy thing. Hubby is not nearly as neat and tidy with the clothes line compared to what I am!

    Having said that, I can't remember the last time he hung washing. Hmph.

  2. There are rare ones. My hubby does it (almost) the same way I do.

    But then, he's more domesticated than I am ;-)

  3. are you sure you're not a Virgo????

  4. Um, he hangs the washing out? That one's a keeper!


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