Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Fine Art of the Dual Response

Does anyone else have dual responses?
You know, the ones with spoken words followed by silent words in your head.
I have them all the time, they go like this...

My boy - Mum, can I have some ice-cream?
Me (spoken) - Yep
Me (silent) - when I'm good and ready!

Husband - Did you shut the bathroom windows?
Me (spoken) - Yep
Me (silent) - well, I think I did and I'm not going to run all the way back up the stairs to check!

My boy - Mum, will you play with me?
Me (spoken) - A-ha
Me (silent) - just after I check Twitter and finish my blog post.

My boy - When can we go in the pool?
Me (spoken) - After lunch
Me (silent) - God I wish you could swim, then I could lay idly beside the pool and read instead of having to get in!

Husband - What's wrong?
Me (spoken) - Nothing
Me (silent) - I shouldn't have to tell you what's wrong, you should know what's wrong!!

My boy - What do you want for Christmas, Mum?
Me (spoken) - Wii Fit Plus
Me (silent) - Plus a week in a fancy resort with your father (child free), plus a brand new house, plus a baby grand piano...oh, and plus world peace, or peace in this house at the very least...


  1. He he he - oh so true - so true...particularly the 'whats wrong' (they should bloody know)

  2. love your dual responses!!
    Wife: Can you take the washing upstairs?
    Me: Yes
    Wife means: Now
    Me means: Sometime between now and the end of the world!!

  3. haha that could be me except for the piano.

  4. Oh, I do this all the time. Mine have a lot more expletives than yours!

  5. I can relate to that. I wonder what would happen if we spoke out unspoken responses out loud?

  6. Me (spoken) : Yep
    Me (silent) : Oh thank heavens I am not the only person in the world who has these kinds of conversations. *Phew*.

  7. I can so completely relate to this. When my 2yr old comes in...EARLY in the morning, he climbs in to bed and says, "Can you read me a book Mum?" I say, "Um, ok." But what I really mean is, "God, I hope you forget in the next 30 seconds, because I just want to lay here with my eyes shut and hope a miracle will occur and you'll fall asleep." Next thing, the book is clunked on to my nose, and it's game up.


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