Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Fairytale

I'm a sucker for anything romantical (yes, I did make that up, and I like it).  You know, a magical romance.  You can find it in the magic of television...The Bachelor, The Farmer Wants a Wife, Perfect Match, The Love Boat, Fantasy Island.  All of which have all been my favourite shows at some point.  I sit watching like the proverbial Cheshire Cat with a ridiculous grin on my face, unless of course I have tears streaming down my face.

It's in the magic of being transported to faraway times and places through the pages of a book.  My favourites are historical romances.  Big manors or mansions, big floaty dresses, big saga filled dramatic love stories.

Or in movie magic...The Sound of Music, My Fair Lady, Gone With the Wind, Ghost, Titanic, Dirty Dancing, Pretty Woman, Moulin Rouge.

Or better still, wedding movies...Muriel's Wedding, The Wedding Singer, The Wedding Planner, Father of The Bride, My Best Friend's Wedding, Runaway Bride, Four Weddings and a Funeral.

Yes, I love them all.  And yes, I am a sap, possibly the word's biggest sap.
But the best romantical magic of all is real, true life romantical magic.
How do I know?  I've felt it.  And I'm guessing plenty of other people have too but I'm also guessing some haven't...yet...and perhaps some never do.

Romantical magic in my flowery, daydreamy, sugar coated opinion must be touched by the hand of it was in my case...

Once upon a time, in another life, there lived a young, disenchanted, married girl called Sleeperella.  Sleeperella was searching and praying for real love.  She hoped to find it within her marriage, and as fate would have it, she did find it, but it was elsewhere.

One very ordinary Friday afternoon upon her return home from toiling away at another week's work, she listened to her answering machine and discovered an invitation from her Fairy God Friend to join her and a few others out into the bright city for an evening of merriment.  She didn't wish to go, she was tired and feeling a little ragged.  So Sleeperella called her Fairy God Friend to thank her very much for her kind invitation, but regretfully declined.  Fairy God Friend, however, waved her magic wand and Sleeperella suddenly had a change of heart.  So she dressed to the nines and removed her wedding rings as she often did when going out without her husband, which too was often as he had other interests and better things to do.  A sign, some might say?  Ah...yeah!!

The young ladies caught their taxi carriage into the city, and gained plenty of attention as young (seemingly) single 20-something young ladies often do.  They commenced their evening out at one popular pub, had some refreshments and dances, then it was suggested they move to another club.  Sleeperella was quite happy where they were but reluctantly moved on with the group.

At the next club there was more merriment, and it was there that Sleeperella picked up an admirer.  He bought her drinks and danced with her and tried his best to impress.  During the course of conversation she questioned the eager suitor, "Do you believe in soul mates?"  A question that was often on her mind of late as she searched for the meaning of true love.  He answered, "Nah, I reckon that's a load of crap."  And her bubble burst.  She thought he was probably right, she was chasing a fairytale, a non-existent dream.

And even though Sleeperella was feeling a little dejected she accepted the next offer to dance from her young gentleman admirer and lo and behold, as though dropped by the hand of fate into the centre of the room with a spotlight shining directly upon his face entered Tall Dark & Handsome.  A face that Sleeperella couldn't help but notice as it was not only beautiful but oddly familiar.  She racked her memory for an answer as to where or how she could possibly know this man.  She even pointed him out to the would be suitor and said she knew him.  "Who?" he inquired.  "Him", and she pointed in the direction of the best looking man in the room.  This time it was the would be suitor who was deflated, "Oh, yeah right."  And he then proceeded to block her view of this vision by constantly and deliberately placing himself directly in the way.

Curiosity got the better of Sleeperella and she eventually worked up the courage to approach Tall Dark & Handsome.  She asked if he was from the town in which she herself had grown up.  After giving a puzzled look to be asked such a question, he replied that indeed he was.  As it would turn out the two had many common acquaintances and had met as children.  What happened next was totally romantical.  The two started talking and quite simply could not stop.  And this time when Sleeperella asked the question, "Do you believe in soulmates?"  The answer was, "Yes".
And they lived happily ever after.

The End

Well, of course, it's not the end just yet.  We are still together and I couldn't imagine us ever not being together.  It is a fairytale but the difference with my real life fairytale is people were hurt and hearts were broken.  There is absolutely no magic in tearing people's worlds apart and we could
have chosen not to.  But sometimes the pull of destiny and the absolute knowing that you have found your soulmate is so strong that it cannot be denied.

Don't go retching, it's not all roses and knights on white horses.  We do live in the real world and we do have plenty of ups and downs.  However, we also have an amazing connection that transcends words and time and space.  It is very spiritual, it is other worldly, it is...romantical.

And, yes, sometimes I do feel like the luckiest girl in the world...still.


  1. awww that's lovely! So glad you found your soulmate xx

  2. I love reading how people met and how their romance started. I'm a big believer that paths often cross between those who will someday share their lives together. Happened with Hubby and I, and obviously happened with you.

    Nice. x

    Just in case you haven't seen it - I too am a major sucker for romance and love this :)
    So so happy for you - thank you for sharing :)

  4. Awww - sometimes fairytales do have rocky starts or middles - so long as you enjoy the ending.

  5. That is sooo romantical. I loved it. x

  6. Oh Thea, gave me shivers!

    Love it love it love it.


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