Tuesday, December 22, 2009


For those of you holding their breaths for the update on my dilemma which I blogged about here, you can breathe now because here it is...

Last week I emailed personalized e-cards to all of my family and friends, including the person I blogged about above.  I didn't go with the posted versions to anyone.  I know some people think e-cards are impersonal and cold compared with the 'real' thing.  But I spent a lot of time making the design from scratch on Photoshop with a photo of the kids and a personalized heading to each recipient.  I did not bulk email them.  I know there is no handwriting on an email, but there is a lot of hand-mousing and it would have taken me no less time or effort.  The only thing missing is the 55c (or whatever it is these days) postage stamp and a hard copy to hang with your multitude of Christmas cards (that is easily solved I believe, by printing it - I would if I got one, to go with the two we got in the mail!)  Anyhow, as no one (except my lovely sister) replied, I think it's possible that people aren't fussed by it. 

But all of this has nothing to do with the update, sorry, here it is...

I didn't even have her email address anymore after my Hotmail account was hacked a few months ago and all of my addresses were erased.  But my husband had her husband's, so I emailed him for her address and explained what I was going to do (I'm still on talking terms with him oddly enough).  He immediately replied saying he thought it was a good idea.  I sent the e-card, and waited.  I was quite prepared for nothing to come of it at all.  I really just wanted to break the ice, or at least take the chill off, in the hope that we can be on civil terms at the very least when we see each other at school every day next year.  And today, I got a reply...

Thanks, Merry Christmas to you too!

I so want to believe that is a friendly reply, but do you know how many ways that can sound if you change the tone?? 

Anyway, that's the update.  Thanks again to all of you who helped me greatly with your kind comments last time.  I'll keep you posted....


  1. In the spirit of Christmassy goodness, I'd imagine a friendly tone too. Have a wonderful Christmas :) x

  2. Im sure she meant it in a friendly way. If she wanted to be unfriendly she simply wouldnt have written back at all. Its not a huge step but at least its a step... Maybe you can follow it up with a quick email before new years to see how her Christmas was? Then its obvious youre trying without looking too try-hard?? either way, good on you for doing the right thing, you can never feel bad about that

  3. Well done, very brave. Also good to know I am not the only one with 'tone' issues - you should hear me about some goes on for days...:) I'm sure if she didn't mean it she wouldn't have replied though, so a reply is a good thing.
    Oh and I did the email cards too - I think they are a good idea, save money, save trees, save on camels that look like horses with humps :)


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