Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Have you ever thought about the way you walk?  No??  Well, I have, but only because I think about crazy things like...the way I walk.

Some people mosey, some people dash, some people prance, some people stroll, some people amble, some people rush.  I plod.

And I only know this because I've seen myself on video.  At first I was shocked.  I'd always imagined that I was quite a graceful walker.   But not so.  I had hard evidence, my eyes don't lie.  I was definitely plodding. an old lady with scoliosis or arthritis.  As it happens I'm a middle-aged youthful lady with mild scoliosis AND arthritis, but I didn't think it affected the way I walked.  Apparently it does.

It also doesn't help that I have short legs and tiny feet, I might topple over at any moment.  No, not really!  But I do plod!!  Oh well, such is life.

What's your gait?


  1. I thought I had a skinny arse until BUTT CAM arrived at Jeans West! haha. txxx

  2. My gait.... depends on my mood & how much sleep I've had... I can bounce like a butterfly...thud like a hippo and anything in between... I would like to think I can be a cheetah & sneak up on the kids... very funny blog.....

  3. I've never noticed! U sure - nah, don't believe you.
    But you've reminded me now ... I bounce LOL - I used to get teased about it at school.
    Oh well you've got to get from a to b some how.

  4. I'm not sure - but I think I'll have to get out the video camera and check it out!

    FUNNY post! x

  5. according to my mum im a stomper. i dont believe her though. i must video tape must lol.

    but i dare say im a mix. i used to bounce. i have very swayable hips. i dawdle. i rush. i swing my arms frantically.

    and well. if there is a cockroach. its a prance. full with waving of the arms. trying to fly. screaming. tiptoe running.

    yep. i just wrote all that. hmm. maybe i shouldnt give so much of myself away on the internet lol. but im an oversharer! xx

  6. I'm not sure! Just... fast.

    But when I used to sit downstairs at my old job, I could tell who was walking around on the next floor up, by the different walks. One lady had really heavy steps, but when people told her that she'd get really offended and think they were calling HER heavy. She was only little, but just had heavy feet.


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