Sunday, January 31, 2010

Is This It??

Yesterday we went to visit a prize home.

We do that occasionally and we buy tickets fairly often.

When the brochure arrived in the mail last week (one of my favourite mail items as I love to dream) I opened it, saw the location and thought, "This is our house!" (Told you, I love to dream!!)
Our dream location just happens to be the place we go to every weekend, where my husband's parents live, right on the coast.

As we were driving the few streets from Grandma's house with Grandma in tow, she let us know she would buy tickets for us.  She said, "You have to buy two, because you always win with the second one."

Then our five year old (number obsessed) boy wanted to know how many tickets there would be.  I told him thousands and thousands but he still wanted us all to guess what number our tickets would be.  We said there were too many to guess but he guessed 90 anyway.

The whole time that we were wandering around the house having a good old stickybeak, our boy was pestering and pestering to buy the tickets, he was dying to see what number we got.  The house was of course lovely, a little small, but I wouldn't say no if we won it!!!

So finally we got our two tickets...they're numbered 136289, and the second one...136290!!!

Crazy co-incidence?  OR
Is this it?
Do we have the winning ticket??


  1. Holy cow (yes, I know I'm commenting on my own post but!) I just put this post up, checked my hit counter and it was 3290!!

  2. Well obviously there's no point in anyone else buying a ticket now. You guys have it in the bag!

  3. The power of positive thinking... Good luck!

  4. WOW..that is some coincidence! Good Luck :D

  5. Oh.. I love a good coincidence! The power of positive thought - keep thinking, keep dreaming and good luck! xxx

  6. A prize home? Hmm! This is new to me.. to my knowledge this doesn't happen much in Perth!

    But wow! All the signs are there! It's meant to be. Look... it says on the front door of the house - Thea Lives Here. Look closely...can u see it!!


  7. I reckon he's got the prophetic gene!
    Did he say it was the winner?
    The prize homes are getting smaller hey?

  8. What a great coincidence. Sending goodluck your way, I love the happy stories that come out of these Art Unions.

  9. Goodluck - hope you win. How nice would it be!!

  10. Good luck Thea! Fingers, toes and everything thing else possible crossed for you. x

  11. Oooh, that house is yours. Fingers & toes, hun x


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