Monday, February 1, 2010

Shake Your Maracas

We have a Wiggles DVD where Murray (the red one) sings, "Shake your maracas."  Makes me chuckle every time.

There are lots of words for them, my preferred term is 'boobs'.

Some people think having small ones is a problem.  Well, I wouldn't know about that but I think having big ones is a big problem!!

I'm being very brave here and putting up numbers and letters...10F! Oh yes, F for fricken ridiculous!!

I mean honestly, who wants to be 10F other than Pamela Anderson, Playboy Bunnies or Hugh Hefner's skanks playmates?  Not exactly women whom I admire or respect.  And my 10F is nothing like their perky, plastic, perfect 10Fs.  Mine are annoying, uncomfortable and cumbersome.  They make me feel more like a granny than a playboy bunny!  I can't wear whatever I want and some days I feel like wearing a sign saying, "Up here, my face is up here!!"

And don't even mention cleavage, I don't have cleavage I have a crack, like plumber's crack at the other end on the other side!!  Although I have recently discovered some perfect bras that don't leave me with with 'the crack'.  Of course they are very expensive and I have to buy them online because have you ever seen size 10F in a department store?  I haven't.  I wear a bra 24/7 minus shower time and romantic recreational know what I mean ;).  Yep, I like to keep them contained.  I can't stand them flapping and flopping all over the place.

But having said all of that, I wouldn't consider surgery.  The elective pain I could possibly handle, but the elective shelling out of that much money....uh uh.  And I would be totally devastated to have forced surgery due to breast cancer, as my grandmother did.  So while I whinge and whine a lot about my ample endowment, they're mine and I'm stuck with them (I hope!).  This is one of the reasons I chose The McGrath Foundation as the first charity for my Year of Giving.  Pop over and check out who I've chosen for this week and check out '25 random things about me'...another tag, YAY!

My other big, or should I say 'little', problem is tiny feet...size 5...kiddy size!  How I don't topple over at any given moment is a miracle of nature!!


  1. Oh wish I had that problem - I know it is a case of 'grass is greener' but even with pregnancy I got up to a 'c' wow (not) Grumble non existant breasts - doesn't help that I don't like padded bras, as I don't see the point of wearing breasts that you take off at the end of the day but it is impossble to find size a-b without padding or 'shaping' - what is wrong with our normal breasts???????
    I am glad you like yours - makes me happy :)
    makes me hope one day I'll like me.

  2. If it makes you feel better @lifeslightlyused I'm smaller than you! Yep, even nursing. The media doesn't do us any favours, does it? Big, small, we're all beautiful women!!

    Thea you're a gorgeous mama ;-)

  3. I totally empathise with your big boob problems!

    I'm a 10DD, and whilst they come with plenty of benefits, they are also quite a hassle. Especially when it comes to bra shopping, where I find myself forking out $70 for a boring black bra. And don't even get me started on trying to find the perfect sports-bra! (By perfect, I mean any bra that stops my boobs from whacking me in the head while I run).

    I do love them though, and I remind myself how lucky I am to have them, even if they do cost me a small fortune.

    This being said, I love big boobs, small boobs, big feet, little feet.... We're all sexy women and should remind ourselves of this every single day! x

  4. I hear you Thea! I'm a 10DD, but used to be a 10E - my boobs did that wonderful thing of shrinking a little after I finished breastfeeding. I was so excited by that!

    Until I went into Myer to get some new bras, and they didn't have ANYTHING at all in my size. Nor did Bras N Things. NOTHING. So annoying.

    And I've been known to march over to pervy old men and make them look me in the eye! Yes, I'm a shy little thing ;)

  5. Oh Thea, talk about the grass being greener. That said, I am usually happy with my pair. They do what they are supposed to do and I am grateful. I think your idea of supporting the McGrath Foundation is fantastic. Good on you!

  6. Loved this one Thea! I have possibly The Smallest Boobs You Have Ever Seen

    10A. They don't get much smaller than that. I really don't even need a bra. But I am happy with my lot. I would never consider an enlargement. They suit me. Big boobs would look a bit funny on me (I'm too small to carry it off!)


  7. Wow - what a combination of boobs and feet you have! I'm average in all respects - size 7 feet and 12C boobs. The only downside to being average is that there is rarely anything in my size left in the sales, but it's a small price to pay!

  8. I'm like Taryn. I've said it before, and I'll say it one more time here - coasters with nipples. That's it.

    But, I had a friend who had large breasts, and she found it frustrating that people (ie men) would make open comments about them. How rude people can be!

    I can imagine how uncomfy it might be. xxx

  9. Ha Ha loved reading it!!
    i just may be back to read a few more,
    i can't really comment on the topic as mine
    (O)(O) are a work in progress ;)

  10. I had a reduction, it cost a bit but overall after tax rebates etc I think I was out of pocket around $2500. Well and truly worth it. I went from an e down to a c and I'm back to a dd but they no longer sag, rub, irritate etc and I don't get bleeding underneath WOOHOO !!!! It was the first time since I hit puberty that I wasn't self concious about them and they weren't a millstone around my neck. My feet match them though...

  11. 12e and they don't seem to get any smaller even WITH the 8 kilo loss!!!

  12. I developed boobs later than most girls at school, and when they grew, THEY GREW! I was a 10DD at sixteen and they just got bigger and bigger.

    A few years ago, I was sick and lost some weight. Unfortunately (or fortunately as some may say) the first thing that went were my boobs.

    In some ways I am grateful but I hope some of them come back when I get pregnant!


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