Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Brilliant Idea

Years ago, when I was working, I was pretty good at being charitable.  When I stopped working and we went down to one wage, we stopped most donations.  Before that I sponsored a child through World Vision.  I always donated when worthy causes came door knocking.  I put bags of clothing and other unused household items in Charity Bins (still do that one, including toys now!).  For a couple of years I even chose to forgo a Christmas present from my husband and asked instead for him to make a sizable donation to the charity of my choice.  I thought this was such a good idea I wrote a letter to one of the women's magazines and it was actually published!

I got my $50 and promptly forgot about it.   Yes, I know, it's shameful!!

This morning I was watching the Today Show and saw that it is Jane McGrath Day at the cricket.  I hate cricket but I love pink and I think it is so cute how all the cricketers and the crowd wear pink for a day to raise awareness and funds for the McGrath Foundation.

And that's when it hit me...a brilliant idea!!  I love it when they just pop into your head like a little angel has whispered a secret to you.  I am going to donate $5 every week to a different charity for this whole year.  I used to be a magazine junkie but have just recently kicked the habit.  I figure this is the same amount as a magazine and it's going to a much, much better cause!  Here's the catch, if I buy a magazine, I am not allowed to donate for that week.  That should keep me on the straight and narrow.

So today, for my first donation, I am giving $5 dollars to the McGrath Foundation.  I know it's not much, but it is better than nothing and every little bit adds up.  I am excited about this idea and I can't wait to choose a charity for next week.

Anyone want to join me?
I've started another blog to track my list of donations.
Follow it here.


  1. It is a great idea Thea! It will surely get you on the hunt for some interesting and different charities! Maybe the less high profile the better in some cases?

    Also would love to hear what they are on your journey? Cheers

  2. I think that is a fantastic idea! Every dollar helps sweety, and it all adds up :-)

  3. Don't forget local schools and possibly schools your child may attend in the future. Our school asks for a donation every year, but I always set aside more each term in hopes it will make a difference.


  4. Love it! If you're looking for ideas just pop to my right column (hehehe)

  5. Good idea. You can also donate a car you no longer use to charity and get a tax deduction of at least $500.


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