Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Suddenly I See!

Turning 40 is like having a baby.

There are things people just don't tell you until it's happened already.

Like my failing eyesight.  It's been happening for awhile now, but pretty much I turned 40 and *bam* eyes don't work properly.  What's with that??  I'm less than half way there...I still need my eyesight thank you very much.  Particularly as I love to read and sew and play the piano...all pretty tricky if you can't see too well.

"What about glasses?" I hear you ask.  Well that would require me having to do something like make a visit to the optometrist.  That's something I haven't done before.  I'm not good with doing anything new, so I delayed and delayed and delayed.

And then while at my family home for Christmas my sister told me to try her glasses.  I put them on and told her they were no good at all, everything was way blurrier than before.  She persisted and said to try reading something, so I did, and OMG I could see!!!  It was like a Christmas miracle.  And the best bit, they're the super cheapies that you can buy in any good discount or department optometrist needed.

So last week I promptly bought myself a pair and I feel like the goose with the golden egg.  I'm reading like a book starved fiend, I can read bedtime stories again without tripping and stumbling all over the words, I can write my shopping list on the fridge and actually see what I have written.  I just wish I had them earlier so I could have seen if I was signing my son (and not someone else's) into kindy!!

For the first few days I excitedly said, "Just wait 'til I get my glasses", over and over again.

But now, a mere week later, I'm already saying, "Where are my goddamn glasses??"

Yes, they allow me to see clearly again.
Yes, they are very cute little purple numbers.
Yes, I am incredibly grateful that I don't have to fumble through the rest of my life.
But I'm sorry, glasses, you are just not the same as my once-working-perfectly eyes.
Aging really is a bitch pain in the butt.


  1. I have glasses for distance (short sighted? I always get it mixed up). I use my prescription sunglasses ALL the time, but rarely use my normal glasses. I only put them on if there's something on tv I REALLY want to see (like, The Tudors. Def have to wear my glasses for that. ;) ).

    But lately I've been squinting at the computer a little. Even enlarging text at times.

    Wouldn't that be nice? Can't see far away, can't see close up.


  2. Love my cheapo reading glasses, and can totally relate to the aggravation of no longer having 20/20

  3. snap!
    I'll pray for both of us - praying that our eyes are restored to perfect vision!

  4. I feel your pain - there's nothing like losing a little eyesight :)

  5. So hang on! I feel cheated! I need glasses NOW! no fair! I got 15 years to go til 40! What are my eyes gonna be like *then*?

  6. I've worn glasses since I was about 23. Can't see anything clearly without them unless it's small and less than 6cms from my nose. Obviously I can't blame aging for that :) Can blame it for a whole host of other stuff though :)

  7. *putting fingers in ears* "La la la la, I can't hear you," Next year is the big 4-uh-oh for me and I think I just may be in slight denial.


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