Friday, January 8, 2010

My Garden - My Flowers

I absolutely love flowers and having flowers in our own garden is one of my greatest joys.  All of these photos have been taken from our garden, which I can claim practically no responsibility for because I have done nothing other than suggest a few plants and a bit of weeding here and there.  My very clever husband is our resident gardener and I'm always telling him he should be a landscaper.  One day I hope to get out in the garden more and plant and tend to even more flowers. 

This is a Crepe Myrtle and I've loved these for as long as I can remember.  My Nan had two in her garden, a mauve one and one this colour.  When my husband came home with this tiny shrub a few months ago I was thrilled.  And was so excited to see what colour it turned out to be when it bloomed a couple of weeks ago.

I bought two Liriopes a couple of years ago because I thought their flower spikes were so pretty.  Well they didn't flower for years, did they?  Until this year!  One did anyway, and it is pretty.

I have no idea of the name of this little flowering shrub but it is very cute.  We have a row of six of them and I think they're gorgeous.

I adore this climbing vine which I have just discovered this morning (whilst doing a little research for this little blog post) is called a Pandorea.  This lovely plant is very happily climbing all over our side fence and it is a mass of glossy green leaves and beautiful trumpet shaped pink flowers.  It's also doing a very good job of keeping the noxious weed, Cat's Claw, at bay.

If there's one thing this town is good at, it's Jacarandas.  The place is awash with purple in October and I just love it.  This photo was taken from our side yard, but it is actually the neighbour's Jacaranda which hangs over our fence line (I'm not complaining!).  We have our own in the front garden, but it's only a baby still and hasn't flowered yet...maybe next year.

This is one of those old fashioned shrubs that my Mum, Nan and just about every Aunty had growing in their gardens in the 70's.  It's a Plumbago and I love it because it has flowers year round and they're really blue!

We have about 30 of these Mock Oranges or Murrayas all over the place.  Most of them don't flower this much but this little one has broken out in bloom all over.  They smell so sweet, too.

This is a recent addition to our garden.  My choice, but I don't remember what they are called.  We have two and they are so pretty.  They are both covered in these gorgeous pale purple flowers and I love looking at them from my kitchen window.

We were plant-sitting this Singapore Orchid for my husband's parents while they were caravaning for a year.  It flowered without us doing anything, and it was a very nice surprise.  I never liked orchids much until I travelled to Singapore and saw them everywhere.  They were stunning.

We were given a bucketful of Bromeliads from a friend a few years ago who had separated some clumps from her own garden.  One is flowering at the moment.

This is my darling little Frangipani which has not bloomed this year.  It has had a couple of flowers in the last couple of years but this year it is obviously putting all it's energy into growing.  I would love a dozen of these beauties in my garden.

I don't have photos, but we also have a Poinciana, Silky Oak, Bauhinias and a Star Jasmine vine which is my favourite floral scent.

I wonder if you have noticed a colour theme.  In my perfect garden all flowers would be shades of pink, purple, blue or white.  I don't like red, orange or yellow, however the odd one is OK.  I'm not really looking forward to the Poinciana and Silky Oak flowering. 

And while I love flowers in the garden, I also love, love, love being given a bunch of flowers!  This was my last bunch from my darling husband for my birthday.  I particularly love my choice of vase here,we've packed away half of our kitchen and the vases are all in boxes.  I can never understand it when people say they don't like getting flowers because they're a waste of money.  I'd happily accept flowers every day of the week!

And to finish up this blooming blog post...the most gorgeous bunch of flowers I've ever laid eyes wedding bouquet.


  1. So many pretty flowery things! You have have to open a Floristry!

  2. I love flowers too. You can grow all the beautiful things that would shiver & die from cold down here! Lucky you!

  3. Bee-yootiful! What gorgeous flowers.

    We asked a landscape artist to suggest some flowers for our backyard, because we wanted to be able to cut flowers for inside. We have gardenias and some gorgeous magnolia trees, but the main he suggested was the Iris. Which are gorgeous, but only bloom for about 3 weeks in spring!!! So disappointing.

    Yours look divine. Clever Hubby. x

  4. Your garden looks lovely, especially so since we are buried in snow and it is 25 degrees outside.

  5. Pink & purple are my favourite colours for flowers :) I have four jacarandahs in my back yard, still small but one day they'll provide a canopy of purple. Got wisteria, yesterday,today & tomorrow plants, bouganvillia, lots of roses and a frangipani out the front. Still waiting for that to flower for the first time.

    Bunches of flowers - don't recall the last time I got given them, oh hang on. A friend gave me some after I split with dh and I can only wish my wedding flowers had been as gorgeous as yours :)


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