Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tomorrow Is It!!

Tomorrow is the day...
The day my first born, beautiful baby big boy starts primary school.
His new uniforms are named, neatly ironed and hanging in his wardrobe.
His new bag is awaiting to be packed with his new books, new lunch box and new water bottle.

And then a thought struck me this morning.  My boy does get a little shy or apprehensive doing new things so I just thought that instead of sending him off with everything new on the first day, I'm going to give him his old lunch box for the first few days anyway.  Something familiar in a world of new might make him feel a little more secure.  In the second, or third week I'll pull out the new lunch box, when he's settled.

But the good news for the day is, one of the first things he said after he woke this morning was, "I'm really excited about starting Prep tomorrow."  Phew!!  That is great.  I wonder if there will be tears?  From me I mean!!

Wish us luck.
And good luck to anyone else with little ones starting school this year.


  1. Good luck tomorrow! Great to hear he's looking forward to it now. xo

  2. What a great idea about the old lunchbox. I hope I come up with things like that when I'm a mum...

    I hope he has a wonderful first day. I'm sure it will be harder for you than it will be for him!

  3. Good luck tomorrow, it's the first of many big steps he will take in his life where mum has to be brave and just be an onlooker.

  4. Just go with the flow. Don't worry too much about what might happen. Everyone else is in the same boat! Good luck xxx

  5. Best of luck hon - how scary/happy/exciting...mine start on thursday and I am terrified that they won't cope - as I've commented before - I'm terrified about buying uniforms tomorrow and getting the 'wrong' combinations, am scared they won't fit in, make friends etc. *BIG HUGS* fantastic idea about the lunchbox :) so very thoughtful :)

  6. I'm right here with you thea. My big girl starts next Thursday. Just been blogging about the same thing. Happy/sad am I. Hope it all goes well. I'm making sure I enjoy my last week of being a pre-school mummy. Big hugs for you for the morning.

  7. Be praying for you - ring me when you get home!

  8. When my one and only started school, she was more ready for it than I was. I was always shy in school, so I was afraid of her getting made fun of. Nope, she is a regular social butterfly.

  9. All the best - will certainly be thinking of all of you tomorrow.

  10. All the very best of luck for both of you. What an exciting new phase in your lives! xx


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