Wednesday, February 10, 2010

And the Blogie Goes To....

OK, I know it's not THE Bloggie, but he's gold, he's a little 2D statue and I am so excited to receive one, thanks to the awesome and oh so popular Kelly @ Kellansapansa . If you haven't checked out her blog yet, you must...go on, off you go...I'll wait until you come back...

This is a Blogie Award.  I've done a little research and backtracked givers of this award to try to figure out a little more about it.  And just like a good old Chinese Whisper it has changed a little, and a little and a little more to become the cute little man that you see.  He's like a Logie for bloggers and I'm following Kelly's lead in making up my own category...most popular best newcomer best all round female Most Enthusiastic!  I blog a lot, I blog about whatever is on my mind (as my profile will tell you).  Apparently I have a lot on my mind and no one much to talk to so it all ends up here.

ACCEPTANCE SPEECH:  I would just like to thank everyone who has ever read my blog.  And an extra special thank you to those devoted bloggers who regularly leave comments for me.  I luv youse all!!!  mwah Mwah MWAH

I'm keeping this one but I have cloned him for three (I'm sticking to Kelly's rules this time) more bloggers.  If you know me at all you will know that it is incredibly hard to chose a mere three because there are so, so many wonderful blogs that I read daily and enjoy immensely. 

Would these Bloggers please take to the stage and accept their Blogie...

(Oh, this is too hard, I want to give one to everyone on My Blog List!)

*Opening envelope*

*Dramatic pause*

The award goes to........

The first three bloggers to comment....hehehe

I just made up my own new rule, and I like it!! :D


  1. I will happily pass my award on to your fourth commenter because I would never be able to choose the next recipients on my blog. But I had to come by and wish you well done.
    You deserved it (and not in a random way)!!!

  2. oh man! I really need to get a blog!
    You totally deserve your Bloggie by the way!
    Love it :)

  3. You totally deserve this award! I love your blog and your enthusiasm xxx

  4. Well darn, looks like I'm too late to the party. So what about that Home Makers Award eh ? Let me give you a warm piece of freshly baked banana bread whilst you think about it ;) Well done on your Blogie. x

  5. oh drats!!!!

    You deserve it honey!

  6. OH PHFT{\\//}

    Oh... and .. now that I'm over not winning... Congratualtions!!!! :) xx

  7. Okay - did I post a comment or am I hallucinating again...

  8. Okay - forgot word verification thingy, lol.

    Did you know I named him? Yep, he was just another award until he hit my blog - then he became

    I hope he remembers me in his fame...

  9. The results are in...
    The winners of the coveted Blogie are :-

    (Sharpest Pencil graciously passed hers on)
    (Angela will be getting herself a blog, soon!)
    An Idle Dad

    Honorable mentions go to Aussie Waffler, Taryn and Michelle, who missed it by that much.

    And to Madmother...pure genious!

    Thank you once again...*cue music*...and goodnight.


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