Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Funny Valentine

I love Valentine's Day. No, really, I really love it! Possibly because I'm the world's biggest sap. I'm a romantic at heart, can't help it, just am.

So when Valentine's Day rolls around each year, forget about Christmas, Easter, Australia Day, birthdays, mother's day, father's day, the Queen's birthday (why do we celebrate that one again?), Labour Day (huh?)...I'm as happy as a pig in pink rose petals.  Yep, Valentine's is the biggie for me.

Why? Well, it certainly isn't because I've been showered with exquisite gifts from secret admirers. No, that has never happened.  Although I did get a card once, in the mail, from a secret admirer. I later found out who it was but sadly it wasn't to be. It certainly isn't because in my first year teaching the young male teachers thought it would be funny to send me a huge bunch of flowers to the school staff room because they knew I would turn bright red, and I did.  It certainly isn't because I have received nothing, done nothing, had no Valentine for most of my 41 Valentine's Days.

I've always loved it because of the possibilities. Go on, play your wildest dreams and think for a moment they 'might' come true this Valentine's Day.  That's fun, right? However, this was usually followed by bitter disappointment when I got nothin'.

But I really love it now because I have the most wonderful Valentine.  He always does something for Valentine's day (and often on other days, too).  He has given me flowers and cards, perfume and dinner dates.  And he's given me cute and quirky things that he knows I will love.

Today he came home from the video store (when will we start saying DVD store?) with a present for everyone.  Everyone?
"What's my present?" I excitedly squeal. 
"I got you a Valentine's present," he proudly grins.
It's not wrapped, doesn't have to be.  It's not Valentine's Day yet, but it's close.
So, what was it?  A Dirty Dancing PC game.
Yeah, it was on the throw out table.  Yeah, it was only $4.95.  But he knows Dirty Dancing is my favourite movie.  And he knows I love playing games, computer or otherwise.  I love my Valentine's gift.  No disappointment this year.  I'm a happy little Valentine.

Oh, and it's not over yet. This weekend his mother has very kindly offered to mind the kids while we go see the movie he's been dying to see, Avatar.  I'm not so keen, not keen at all really.  But I'd do anything for my Valentine on Valentine's Day.  We might even be able to squeeze in a dinner date as well. Considering our last date was Valentine's Day last year, we need to make the most of it!!

I love my funny Valentine.

If you don't have one, do you wish you did?
And if you do have one, do you appreciate them just a little bit more on Valentine's Day?


  1. That sounds perfect. Love it. We ignore V day these days. Because I'm a bit of an old grump I think. But I used to love it. :) Have fun and Avatar will be good *I liked it and I usually hate all movies like that. Enjoy x

  2. In my, ahem... more than 41 years, I've been given one gift on or around Valentine's day. DH was trying to convince me I still wanted to be married to him so he gave me a ring the day before... I love the possibilities but would really like one day, to have a reality :) I very much doubt this year will be the one I get anything though. DH isn't trying to convince me now (not sure it would work anyway) and there's no-one else on the horizon...

    It's wonderful that you have a Valentine who will do things like that :) Does he have a clone or a brother? lol

  3. That is one of the sweetest things I've ever heard. That there is what it's all about. You lucky girl.
    PS don't be surprised if you end up loving Avatar, I did.

  4. Hey its the thought that counts x

  5. He sounds like a lovely Valentine your Valentine. I tend not to pay much attention to it but can never ignore it as one of my brother's was born on the 14th feb so the day is always celebrated with cake! I'll keep my fingers crossed for this one being a good one!

  6. I want a review on the Dirty Dancing PC game!! That is my favourite movie of all time. I think I can recite the whole script word for word.

  7. I used to want to crawl under a rock on Valentine's Day. But now I have a wonderful fiance who makes me feel special each and every day. So, now every day is "show your love" day and Valentine's Day has become "show your love in a kitchsy way" day. It's so much fun! In fact, I think you've inspired me to write a post about it!

  8. PS - there's a little something for you over at my blog.

  9. I'm so glad there's people who still love Valentines Day!! And thnx for your comment on my blog! As you would know from our wedding dance I LOVE Dirty Dancing too so looking forward to a full report on the game! Have a wonderful day on Sunday! x

  10. Nice to see!

    I am still trying to generate positive emotions around the day... I'm thinking of this year showering my other single girlfriends with love, chocolates, cards and attention.

  11. We don't do Valentines Day, but I think the way you do it is gorgeous - more about thoughtful things than expensive tacky gifts. Lovely! And enjoy your night out!

  12. Now, that's lovely. I love ti when people get you genuinely thoughtful gifts (even off the discount table!)


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