Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Love It, Or Not

I love sew, but I am not a good cook
I love knit, but I cannot paint
I love to teach, but I'm an impatient learner
I love to sing, but I've forgotten how to dance
I love to play the piano, but I don't know how to draw
I love writing my blog, but I could never write a book
I love to read, but I loathe public speaking
I love coffee, but I can't stand tea
I love all types of cheese, but I can live without chocolate
I love the performing arts, but think sport is overrated
I love to watch tennis, but I hardly ever play
I love to walk, but I do not like to run
I love a rainy day, but I don't like getting wet
I love an ocean view, but would rather not get in
I'd love to be able to fly, and in my dreams I can, but I haven't for awhile.


  1. Lovely Thea :) I too, love coffee but can't stand tea and I love to walk but I do not like to run!

  2. I am totally with you on the ocean view. Look at it, walk beside it, dip your toes in it, but swim in it ? Never, are you mad.

  3. I was saying Yep, Yep, to some, but you lost me at 'can live without chocolate'. Nope, not me! And my funny thing is I love the smell of coffee, but can't stand the taste. Weird.

  4. I love tea, I love coffee, I love cheese, I love chocolate, I love writing my blog, I love writing a book.....I don't like to sew or knit! :)


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