Friday, February 26, 2010


Do you have a favourite travelling, holiday or scenery photo?

One without you or your partner or your friends or any people in the foreground?

Just a really good shot??

I have a few that I love and most of them are taken by my husband.  He just seems to have an eye for a good photo.  I try, but mine never turn out as good.

Here are my favourites, all taken by my husband...







I think he should take up photography...don't you?


  1. Love them all! Yes, he's very talented!

  2. DEFINITELY! These are just gorgeous! I feel like I'm perusing a travel magazine! Thanks for sharing them!

  3. Absolutely beautiful photos--your hubby is indeed very talented.

    Shelly at Tropical Mum

  4. Wow, yes he certainly takes a good pic!

  5. Beautiful, he certainly does have a good eye. Making me wish I could have a holiday!

  6. Great photos! Your husband is a great photographer. Love the second shot and the one of the canals in Venice.

  7. Am brand new to your blog, love it already.

    Are those photos there the Glasshouse mountains? If so, we don't live far from each other at all.

  8. Melissa - No, those mountains are Mt Lindesay from Mt Barney near the NSW border.

    But...I do live not too far from the Glasshouse mountains! :)


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