Sunday, February 28, 2010

Do I Have To????

I want to be a fun mum.  I want to be a fun person.  But I'm just not.
I can be fun, I like fun, I just don't instigate it very often.
In fact I don't really instigate anything very often.
My motto could be, "Do I have to?"
I don't have the kids in swimming lessons even though Laurie Lawrence has done his best to try to make me.
I don't have the kids in any lessons/classes/teams of any kind.  They are only 5 and 2 now, but I'm sure one day they will be when they're so keen and pester me into having to.
I don't visit anyone or invite people over.
I don't go to Mass/church even though I keep saying one day I'll take the family.
It's a personality flaw that I am very aware of.  I just don't require myself to make an effort.
But, last week I did see the deputy principal at my son's school and the school I used to work at.
I did fill out an online resume that took for.ever.
I did put my name down at the school for relief teaching on Fridays.
And, I didn't have to.
So, you see, I can force myself to do things, but I'll still be thinking...."Do I have to?"

What's your personality flaw?
If you have any, of course.


  1. I procrastinate. As I type this I am supposed to be studying for an exam that is on Friday. I have procrastinated completing both assignments and the course work. Now I am four days away from exam day and I am still trying to learn the material.

    This is my life. I live in a sea of unfinished projects. I would procrastinate procrastinating if I could--but putting off procrastinating would mean actually completing something and I am just not prepared to do that!

    Good luck with your job application.

    Shelly at

  2. Shelly - Oh yes! I do that one, too!! I call myself a Master Procrastinator. lol :)

  3. Mine would be standing back from everything too often. I tend to observe rather than join in or instigate. Trying to deal with that.

    But - swimming lessons are a must. They aren't for fun so you should get onto that one. (I think I have issues with learning to swim lol)

  4. Hi, I'm Naomi, and I'm a procrastinator...

  5. Kallie - I do that too. Would much rather observe. And we swim in Grandma's pool every weekend, I think we do a good enough job...just don't go to paid lessons.

    Naomi - Not you too! lol

  6. I procrastinate too. And agonise over decisions, even ones already made. Also I have the opposite problem to you, I say yes to everyone and everything, even when I don't want to do a job, if nobody else volunteers I feel I must. Can't. Say. No.

    By the way, I find it hilarious that you admit you procrastinate, and the title of your blog is, "Do I Really Wanna Blog?" - sounds like it suits you to a T!

  7. alliecat - haha, yep, you got me!! ;)

  8. I'm a chronic procrastinator.

    And I'm a bit too much of a people person- i neeeed people. It's almost impossible for me to spend the day at home by myself.

    And, of course, I spend too much time online :p

  9. I don't believe I have any flaws, just minor imperfections. Otherwise I'd be perfect and that would just annoy everyone trying to live up to my high standards!

    But seriously, I'm a perfectionist, a pedant and a chronic organiser. Very annoying to those around me!

  10. Lori - oh yes, that's another one of mine too...too much time online! Ha!

    Kelly - I just decided the other day that I'm orderly but not organized...perhaps I could hire you?

  11. I tick the procrastinator box (at times). I'm also too easily distracted (at times). Boy have I been 'bagged' in the past for my perfectionist and organising qualities. Aren't they good qualities to have??
    And yes, these days I spend way too much time online!!

  12. I hate housework, I put it off as long as I can - you know the dusting and stuff - not the dishes I do them, but dusting and tidying - I really need to do it more, but I Don't Want To. I need a maid.

  13. What's important is that 1) You recognize it as a flaw, and 2) it bothers you enough to mention here. That by itself tells me your kids will do just fine by you.

    As for my own flaws...I think I've a sampling of all of them. Name a way I can let somebody down...I have it...but the very next day I'll make up for it with one of my positive character traits. Show me somebody who's perfect, and I'll show you somebody who's evolved beyond being mere human.

  14. I have a lot "do I have to?" issues in my life as well. My goal this year has been to ignore that little voice and just plow through and DO them anyway, take some chances. I'm doing fairly well so far, but I have a LONG way to go! I feel your pain!!

  15. I say I'll do things I have no desire to do and then waste way too much energy grumbling about how I don't want to do whatever it is I have agreed to!

  16. I'm too much of a planner. I need to loosen up sometimes and go with the flow!

  17. Read "Free Range Kids" - it has a whole chapter on over planning childhood. As long as your kids play, they'll be fine.

    Except maybe swimming lessons - that's probably comes under essential life skill. I must *cough* *cough* get my kids into swimming lessons too!

    I'd also point out that on my google rss stats, you rate as a high contributer - a blog a day at least!

  18. Another tick for the procrastinator!

    I can always find a reason to justify me not doing something. It's pathetic.


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