Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Special Folder

Does everyone have a folder/album for 'special' things?

I have one.  My husband has one.  And I have just bought one each for my two children.

We have everything from sacramental certificates, to newspaper articles in which our name or photo appeared, to school awards, to sporting ribbons (of which I have three...yellow ones...and my husband has 33...yellow, red and blue ones!), to report cards, to piano exam certificates.

My husband's was an old photo album with those plastic sheets that are supposed to stick, but they had lost all of their 'sticky' and everything was falling out.  So my five year old boy and I had a wonderful time putting all of his treasures into a brand new folder.  There was much oohing and ahhing from my little boy.  He is absolutely dying for the school sports day now, so he can win as many ribbons as Daddy.   He asks almost every day, "When is sport's day?"  I hope he takes after his father and not his mother or it may be a very big let down!

But today we have the first item for the boy's folder!  His Prep class photo was in the local paper.  Unfortunately they spelt his name (and a few others) incorrectly.  But it's a nice photo.  And so begins the filling of the 'Special Folder'.


  1. My kids have been in the local newspaper a few times. It's so exciting for the kids to see their picture. How many copies did you buy? We usually manage to pick up at least half a dozen copies.

    Keeping special certificates and memorabilia is fun. My husband and I each have a small box of things - certificates, articles etc as well as a few small items made by my husband in woodwork at school and things like that.

    I have a folder for each of my three kids as well as a small box that I can keep special things in. It's worth the effort of being organised for the fun of looking back over things in years to come.

  2. I have my own folder and we've started a photo album each for the kids, but they also have their own special folders at their Mum's house. I think it's a great idea and I wish I'd kept more of my childhood memorabilia, like my year four pen licence!

  3. I love the special folders - need to get new ones for my bubs - have a bad habit of keeping EVRYTHING :)

  4. I've got one each for my now children. There's loads of special stuff starting from when they came to us. The special stuff from before then is in separate boxes which I only add things from their birth families to. I love having these things to look back at and know they will be able to look back in years to come and see how small their hands were or how many teeth they were missing in a school photo. I have almost nothing from my childhood, being a middle child in a family of 6 is not a smooth move if you want memorabilia :)

  5. Oh that's great! I keep everything from photoshoot pics to feather and pasta necklaces made in prep..
    I wish I was one of those people who could throw away everything- But I can't!
    Yay for the first of many special things to be kept in the special folder.

  6. That's so lovely - I'm so bad at keeping things... ooops hope my kids don't mind too much.


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