Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Nanny, A Magic Wand and a Fairy Godmother

I just had a b-rill-i-ant idea, in the shower of course!!

I've been unwell for the past two days and as well as dragging myself around just to do the bare minimum for the kids, I have been letting the housework slide because I just don't feel up to it.  So as I look around the house this evening, it's beginning to look like my worst nightmare.

I've been wishing for a nanny, a magic wand and a fairy godmother all day.

So, my idea?  A team of dedicated professionals that come to your house when you are sick.  Because we deserve sick days, too!  Right?!

The team would consist of:

1)  A doctor or medical professional to check that you are in fact unwell and require assistance.  We wouldn't want anyone taking fake sickies.  And they could also write prescriptions and tend to your medical needs so you do not have to sit for hours with a small child/children, while you're feeling like death warmed up, in a waiting room.

2)  A chauffeur/run around person to take you and your children to school, or just your children if they old enough.  They would do the grocery shopping, any other shopping you need and pick up your prescribed medicines.  This person would also fill in for any volunteer jobs you have for the day such as helping in your child/children's classrooms, tuckshop, library etc. They do everything that would normally require you to leave the house.

3)  A cleaner to wash the dishes, do the laundry, folding, ironing, floors, bathrooms and anything else that obviously needs cleaning.

4) A chef/cook to prepare meals and snacks for the whole family and leave a few in the freezer for the rest of the week.

5) A nanny to entertain and tend to every single need of any child/children you have at home.

Then you could get on with the business of resting and recuperating, which of course happens much faster if you don't have to do anything!!

This team of angels will come for as many days as the doctor deems necessary.

Don't you think it's a good idea?  I only see one problem with it.  Funding.  Ah yes, who would pay for this??  Not the government, they can't afford to pay for all the other necessities as it is.

How about a brand new charity.  It could be called "Sick Days for Mums & Dads".  I'd donate to that one, wouldn't you?


  1. Who do I make the cheque out to???

  2. You could make it work on a volunteer basis, a bit like the country fire service. If you sign up to the service, you become one of the team when someone else needs it, and the team comes to you when you need it. No cost, everyone wins!

  3. Quixotic - Me? No, just kidding! ;)

    Kelly - Yes, excellent idea. This could work!!

  4. I applaud your idea. It sounds like utter bliss. And it makes me sad that so many women need this. What happened to the days of old where we all lived our lives so intertwined with close family in close proximity that Aunties and Grannies and Mums stepped in and took over whilst we got better?

  5. Lucy - Yes, I meant to put that bit in! Would be so good to live close to grandparents and family. It's very difficult when you have no support.

  6. Or plan B... move closer to me. Doctors come to you, groceries can be delivered and I could do some cleaning, cooking and kiddy play. All you'd have to work out is the tuckshop...

  7. What a great idea and much more practical than my usually prayers that the housecleaning fairies would come to visit while I am asleep! I'd definitely sign up on a share roster for this.

    Sorry that you haven't been feeling well. Don't stress about the messy house. It can wait a few days and getting some rest is more important than vacuuming the floor.

    By the way, it's nice to know that someone else gets their most brilliant ideas while they are in the shower. I have seriously considered investing in some chinagraph pencils to keep in the shower so that I can write these ideas down on the tiles. The only thing holding me back is the fact that this would mean cleaning the shower more often. We can't have that!

  8. Thea you are full of so many brilliant ideas!! We 'Mums' definitely need this. There are days when we are feeling low, not quite right, unwell, tired and exhausted but we just keep on going for our family. It's really hard sometimes, sometimes we need some support.
    Lucy you make such a strong point, it seems long gone are the days of close family support and neighbours looking out for each other, most of the time we are doing it all alone.
    Kelly's idea is similar to a baby sitting group, where you volunteer your services for free and one day someone from the group repays you the favour by baby sitting for you. No cash exchanged.
    Great ideas ladies :)

  9. Since I have no family closer than 550Kms to the South-east I'd love to have a service like that. If I was being cheeky I'd suggest adding some Adonis to sit near you & give a pleasant landscape to view ;)

  10. FANTASTIC idea!! I would ABSOLUTELY donate to that! Can you imagine feeling poorly and then having a team of these "angels" show up at your door? AWESOME!!

    I also am COMPLETELY onboard with Kallie's above suggestion!! Thanks for the post! Great writing, as always!

  11. Oh sign me up for the chef/cook. To have someone else cook dinner, to dream ...

    Clicked over from Michelle's blog, enjoyed browsing!

  12. Sounds good to me, can't think of why someone didn't think of it before. Oh and someone to give you a massage or aromatherapy.


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