Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wealthy? Me??

If only these things were highly prized, highly paid and highly sought after skills, I could be a very wealthy woman because these are things I am very good at...

hanging washing on the line
folding clothes
making beds
weeding the garden
wrapping presents
writing lists
collating photographs
blog reading
blog writing (well, very good is subjective, but I am definitely enthusiastic!)
making kids laugh
racing with 'Cars' on the Wii
reading bedtime stories
drawing flowers, stars and stick men
comforting hurt or sick kids
drinking red wine
watching reality TV
reading novels
wasting time

If only there was a job that calls for all of those things.
Oh yes, there is one, a stay-at-home mum.
OK, if only there was an incredibly financially rewarding job that calls for all of those things.
Well, it may not be financially rewarding, but it is emotionally rewarding and I'll take that over money any day.


  1. We actually possess a lot of the same talents, like the wine drinking thing! I'm FABULOUS at that!

    Thanks for the smile!

  2. Thea you are on a roll with great posts! I tick YES to all of the above :)

  3. Some skills just aren't rewarded highly enough are they?

  4. Your family is lucky to have such a multi-talented woman running the household!


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