Monday, March 8, 2010


A dream of mine is to one day have a room in our house just for books and reading.  Floor to ceiling shelves, cosy chairs and loads of books.

At the moment all of our books are packed into the top of a cupboard, out of sight.  I don't like it. But until we have a bigger house with more space that's where they'll stay.

Last month I blogged the list of must have children's classics that came from my son's school.

Today, because I'm missing my books, I'm listing the books that I remember reading, or my mother reading to me.  Books that I love or that have special meaning.  I think they paint a pretty accurate picture of me...

This is a Jane Austen Collection


Well, that's as many as I can remember. But I'm sure I've forgotten some.

What do they say about me?
I would love to know what books you love...


  1. Oh come on... You are asking someone with 12 bookcases in her house, plus many more boxes not unpacked, to name them? PMSL...

    butlavi - the chunky fart

  2. Oh I wanted to tweet the Digger reader, I learned to read on Pam and Sam and Nat and Digger! I've got a video somewhere of me on Romper Room listing their names off... ah what nostalgia. And I also loved most of the other kids/ young adults books you mention. Anne of Green Gables, Narnia chronicles, and of course Charlotte's Web. thanks for the trip!

  3. Come join shelfari with me - love the virtual book shelf :)
    I want a room with a ladder - high ceilings and books books books

  4. Yep, I'm afraid I have too many books to mention, having been an avid reader since the age of about four.

    You have some great titles there though, which bring back so many memories!

  5. Well, you know I love a good biography....!

    Currently reading Eat, Pray, Love and Anne Frank's Diary was moving. I read it during my holiday thru the UK and Europe in 1991, and visited where she and her family hid. It was surreal to actually be there.

    You have some faves of mine in this pile, and love the idea of floor to ceiling books! Cosy. x

  6. Oh I remember Digger!
    I also have vague recollections of "Sparky the Space Chimp" and "On Holiday with Jim".

    In primary school, my friends and I used to ride to the public library after school and borrow books. I adored that place. The books were treated with such care.

    I loved The Famous Five, The Secret Seven, The Bobbsey Twins, Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden.

    I have bought my kids a few of the books I read as a child. The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Where The Wild Things Are, The Berenstain Bears, The Best Nest. I was lucky enough to find a few Richard Scarry busy day books at Big W when my eldest was a few months old. I snaffled them up and they are all well loved now.

    I'm sure there's plenty more.
    I also remember in grade 4, our teacher read us Charlotte's Web aloud, a few pages every day. I can't wait to do that for my 3 in a few years.

  7. I am working on doing up my library, trouble is I have too many books to fit the shelves I have, so will need to add more (shelves that is always adding more books).

    I purged a few through eBay last year, but have kept my favourite authors. I have loads of children's books too, so I can read to my grand-daughter's when they stay over. Just love books, so glad to meet other book lovers.

    Thanks for sharing your favs.

  8. I see a few that I did not know, I will have to pick them up to read!

    Good stuff!

  9. I'd die for a "library" in my own home. I've fantasized about the one the Beast presents to Belle in "Beauty and the Beast" since I was a tiny one.

  10. Some great ones there! LOVE Anne of Green Gables, Little Women, Jane Austen, Charlotte's Web, Golden Books. And Maeve Binchy books always make you feel like snuggling up by the fire with a hot choccy - such comfy books!

    Love the new blog layout too!

  11. I definitely have that same dream - I adore books!

  12. I loved Anne of Green Gables and Little Women when I was growing up - would read them over and over. Anne Frank is a great read too. I haven't read Eat Pray Love yet but my friend was only saying the other day she'd lend it to me. Would be lovely to have a library room :)


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