Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I love churches.
I love to sit inside the space of a beautiful church.
I don't go there to pray. My kind of praying doesn't involve rote prayers and rosary beads (although I understand why people do pray that way).
And I don't go there for services or Mass very often anymore (that may change one day).
I just like to sit and be still.

I'm talking about old churches,
big old stone churches, tiny wooden country chapels, cathedrals and basilicas.

It's the smell of the wooden pews, the light from the stain glass windows, the cool marble floors, the sacred space.

They fill me with wonder, awe and are very comforting.

I am incredibly lucky to have been in the some of the biggest and most beautiful churches in the world.

They can be full of tourists but there is still a respectful hush.
I feel spiritually connected in a church.
I also feel spiritually connected in nature.

But modern churches do nothing for me.
You may as well be at someone's house, the local RSL or the pub.

I love pubs too, but that's a whole other blog post.


  1. Ahhhhhhh. I hear you. The smell of the wood and the candles. (You have inspired me now to go look for images of my favourite old churches.)

  2. I know exactly what you mean, beautiful old churches just feel Holy. Modern churches - nup. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos.

  3. When I went to Europe with my husband and told him I wanted to see some churches, he almost didn't want to come with me. But once I convinced him that it's as much about history and beauty as it is about religion, he agreed. And boy can you learn a lot by going into one of those old, old churches. They are just amazing.

  4. Yes, the architecture in old churches is lovely. Although to me, it seems wasteful to pour millions into a building only used on Sundays when people are being trafficked for the sex industry and slavery and children are starving. Don’t get me wrong, I do think they are beautiful buildings and I am OK with money being spent on a building – if it is matched by helping those in need.
    I guess you feel nothing in modern churches because the emphasis isn’t on the building. The ‘church’ was meant to be the people and not the building. When my ‘modern’ church building fills with people, who are the church, the presence of God is an awesome, unmatchable feeling.

  5. Breathtaking piccies there Thea. there is something soul-calming about sitting in a church, taking in the space.

  6. One of the most amazing churches I visited was in Rome. (And right now, for the life of me, I can't remember it's name - NO - not St Peter's!!!)

    Anyway, it had a frescoe painted on the ceiling that, to me, was even more impressive than the Sistine Chapel! It was as if the angels and characters were coming out of the ceiling - like 3D. Amazing.

    Our local church is pretty ordinary to look at, but I always feel better when I go there anyway!

  7. I love taking photos of churches, they always seem to be the most beautiful buildings :)

  8. I go to a church built 100 years ago - and I love the creaky pews and old stained glass windows....and I love to sit there alone before services. SOmething you may be interested in - Read a book title "The Pillars of the Earth" - it made me want to travel to Europe and see the great cathedrals. It gives you a totally different perspective. It is an epic tale - let me know if you look into it!


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