Friday, March 12, 2010

I'm Such A Snob!

Is it wrong to feel snobby and superior about your school reunion?
Probably, but I do anyway...

Just for today I feel like such a snob because I had a message on Facebook this morning from someone who did go to the reunion that I would have actually liked to catch up with.  I didn't realize he went, he wasn't in any of the photos that I saw.  He went with another school friend and said he wished I was there.  These friends happened to be the two top TE scorers of my year...990 and 985 (TE score = tertiary entrance score and 990 was the highest possible score).  The friend that contacted me is now a Neurosurgeon.  I replied and asked, "How bad was it?", the reunion that is.  He replied to me this afternoon (before he flies to Paris tomorrow) that...

  • he knew it would be full of low points but hoped there would be a high point or two...there were none
  • between them they knew ten people
  • there was some serious obesity going down...and drinking
  • and they eventually slunk out

He learned that...

  • thirty people are dead from our year so far
  • we are in the ten most violent schools in Australia
  • AND
  • (the only thing that made it for him) the Arnott's biscuit tamperer went to our school!!!!!!

I'm feeling pretty superior right now...sorry, I can't help it!  I know it's bad but just let me wallow in it for a little while.  I'll get over myself tomorrow, promise!

So now that I have posted three times (post 1 & post 2) about the same reunion (that I didn't even go to) maybe I can let sleeping dogs lie.

Yes, I hope so, too!!


  1. Wow, sounds like an interesting school and you are obviously lucky to have come out alive!

    I think you have every right to feel superior - and vindicated for not going to the reunion.


  2. Just read your two previous posts. (I don't know how I missed them!!!)

    Anyway, I have never been to a reunion. Partly because they're in Perth, I'm in Sydney and I wouldn't spend an airfare to get there. And partly because I don't see the point.

    The friends from school I have interest in keeping in touch with, I do. The others? Well, they're not my "friends" for a reason. Sure, if I bumped in to them, I'd have a chat, but I wouldn't start making plans to go on a picnic with them. I figure we have such little time as it is to see people we *like* and get along well with, there's just not enough time to waste on those we don't.

    No regrets. Your life most certainly wouldn't have been better for going, and by the sounds of it, you didn't miss much!


  3. Vindication rocks !

    (Word verification "bilysit" Is that the polite version of bullshit? lol)

  4. Jodie, I'm sitting here nodding my head! That's EXACTLY how I feel.
    Thea, you made the right choice! x

  5. I'd be feeling totally smug!


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