Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Kitchen Sucks

When we moved in (7 years ago) we I said the first thing we needed to do was the kitchen.  It was huge, it was retro, it was kinda kitch but soooo badly banged up.

My husband has slowly been removing cabinets, cupboards, benches, shelves and Happy-Days-style booth...and has not been replacing it with anything...yet.  So what we are left with right now is about half of what we started with and still no set in stone plan for the new kitchen.  We have tried, believe me! We've downloaded the IKEA kitchen planner and the Bunnings kitchen planner and have come up with roughly 6,493,642 designs, all of which are not quite perfect.

I'm hoping one day very, very soon we will have a brand new kitchen, but until then this is what we're living with.  Brace yourself, it's so beautiful you might not believe it's true!! But sadly, it's very true and I bet you're loving your kitchen right about now.  Stay tuned...I hope I can bring you updates...SOON!


  1. I can sympathise.

    We moved in to our place in 2001 and it had quite the ugly kitchen. Doors would fall off as I opened them, and it's doubtful it was ever cleaning by the previous owners. There was this gap between the stove and bench top that would gather dust, spider webs and food, and wasn't wide enough to be able to clean. Ugh!

    In 2004, we got our new kitchen. I love it. I would highly recommend caesarstone benchtops. Nothings stains them. They're non-porous. So tough in fact, you could slice up on them (we don't though)!

    I only had to wait just over 3 years, so I am feeling for you waiting 7!!!

    C'mon Thea's Hubby - get to it! Just think what she could create in a brand new kitchen!!!

    Good luck, hon! xxx

  2. On the bright side - you won't know yourself when it's done! We did our kitchen a few years ago - I just had to get rid of the mission brown and pink colour combination. What were they thinking in the 70s and 80s??

    BTW I love that you had a diner booth in your kitchen!!

  3. My kids would freaking love that happy days diner setup! I hear you sister. Will take a photo on the weekend and post for you of our kitchen. It has fuck all space to do anything. Cut stuff up, make lunches, lean on. Nada. It's like we had beer goggles on when we looked at this house. Husband openly admitted he couldn't remember what the kitchen looked like until settlement day when even he said "Fuck me, that's tiny"

    Thanks for sharing. We are braving this world together :)

    PS, your little lady makes the picture very pretty.

  4. My friend used to live in a place in Wilston with a booth table. What's with that? Perhaps it was a queensland architectural quirk from a certain period?

  5. Oh Thea. I know you are probably driven mad by it, but it really does look like a happy kitchen to me!

    I love the booth thingo: the house I lived in as a teen had one of those and I loved it. (Dare I say it, I was heartbroken when my parents ripped it out.)

    Having had a kitchen demi makeover ourselves about 10 months ago, we ended up using a small local cabinet maker, that would be my recommendation for price and design and flexibility.....

  6. I like your kitchen window--nice and big for watching the kids in the back yard.


  7. The cafe booth reminded me of my grandparents house, circa 1969 ... LOL. Feeling your pain. We have been in a tiny old worker's cottage with possibly the world's smallest, oldest, daggiest kitchen for 5 years ....

  8. Oh dear! You'll get there soon Thea, take the time to get it right!

    We have a brand new kitchen thanks to our extension. We had to make do with a dodgy temporary kitchen in the GARAGE for a long time while it was being put together.

    Needless to say that sucked bad!

  9. We have recently moved into a home with a kitchen I detest! Can't wait to replace it but must save up first! Hoping it won't take quite as long as you have been waiting. Happy Kitchen Makeover Adventure to you!

  10. OMG - I love that booth. I want one in our dining room now!

    One of the first things we did when we bought our current home was rip out the kitchen and put in a new one. We couldn't afford a fancy one, so we got a kit kitchen and jazzed it up with a lime green splashback.

    In our previous home, we didn't have a kitchen at all. We just had a sink and a fridge. Now THAT was painful!

    Just keep dreaming of the day you have your perfect, brand new kitchen. It will all be worth it then!


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