Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hair Hair!

What a difference a decade...or two...makes.

Today I had a blissful morning of pampering at the hair salon. I only do it 2 or 3 times a year. I get it looking all glam...then over the next few months give myself a few home colours to, you know, cover the greys...and chop away at the bits that get in my eyes...until it starts looking so shaggy and raggy that I have to go and get the professionals to fix it up.  So it's all shiny and new again...for a little while at least.

Then I got to thinking how different it was to walk out of the salon in the 80's and 90's.  All hair-sprayed and lacquered and stiff and puffy...that coif quite simply was not going anywhere, it just didn't move!

Today as I left the salon it was so soft and shiny and sleek and flippy.  I know which one I prefer...until the next trend comes along anyway.  I wonder what that will be?

So it got me thinking about hair and the weird and wonderful ways I've worn it over the years.

I've not really been a big experimenter with my hair, it's pretty much been variations of the same thing for a long time.

  • My hairstyle began it's journey masquerading as a boy.  At a few months of age I lost my hair on the sides of my head so it looked like I'd been given the short-back-and-sides.
  • When I got to the ripe old age of 2 I decided it was time I should give myself a haircut, what kids don't do that? Oh, mine haven't...yet!
  • Mum didn't help the boy factor by cutting it short all the time...and that fringe...what was she thinking?? I guess it was the 70's and I should be proud to say she did a pretty good copy of the Bay City Rollers at one point...but I'm not.
  • And then I grew it and flicked it, I'm blaming Lady Di for that! And because the 80's had arrived I permed EVERYONE did! I had two perms, they lasted for about four years.  I could also tease my fringe almost as high as Howard Jones'.
  • After I had the last of the perm cut off I went through a bit of a red phase.  Then I had it long and straight with the rolled under fringe a-la Beverly Hills 90210.
  • And when Jennifer Aniston had 'that' haircut I cut mine, too. Then I grew it, and grew it some more, then cut it and got some layers, then curled it, then grew it again.
  • By this time I'd had one flowergirl, three bridesmaid and two bride's hairstyles.  The second was my best ever hair make that my best ever day.
  • Then I had babies and when it wasn't falling out my standard style became the ponytail...just get that damn hair out of my face!  And then a few greys started to appear so I had some lighter foils to try and hide those little suckers.  I'm swinging from lighter to hide the greys, to darker to match the regrowth. And now I'm going with the concave look for something a little bit different.

Let me take you on a pictorial journey...

How's your hair? (Doing my best Stefan impersonation here.)


  1. You're very brave :) there's been some dodgy looks over the years in the name of fashion :) I could never post anything like this mainly because I don't have that many photos of me :) You look great in all of them and I think there would be a photo of me very similar to the top row,middle pic. I think it was The haircut for little girls lol

    Word verification = nograbde. Wondering... no grab de ? what an I not to grab? :)

  2. Hair Hair Hair!! Lucky for us it grows out! LOL I get mine coloured cut etc... everymonth gotta hide the grey!

  3. Hi - I am a new fan...I just posted a response to your blog entry on a difficult child. I hope you don't mind that I linked to you...
    and ironically, I had just done a post a few days ago about hair...stop by and check it out. I am going to add you to my blog roll - I enjoy your posts!

  4. My favorites are actually your last two. I prefer shorter hair styles. :)

  5. I'm so glad you posted pictures - they are fantastic! You and I have had some very similar hairstyles over the years - I too was a proponent of the massive fringe for a period of time which was far too long in hindsight! Awesome post xx

  6. I am so not showing you mine!

    And hey - you are cheating, you should post the most recent photo as your profile one! Lol.


  7. I love the pictures! I remember doing that fringe thing - the higher it was, the cooler you were.

    I haven't done too much experimenting with mine - long, mid length, short, very short, now mid length again. Only a few foils along the way, but rarely. I'm a very boring hair person!

  8. Oh, I LOVE all these pics!

    I should do something similar some time.

    I'm like you. I only go a few times a year, and when I do, I really enjoy the pampering. (I get really annoyed if the stylist doesn't spend enough time on the head massage. That's the best bit!)

    I've had some really ordinary hair cuts, and I quite like my hair as it is now. Although, I don't wear it down enough - I just tie it back a lot. But it's easy.

    Great post, Thea. LOVE IT!

  9. This is a great post, 80's hair is always amusing. I'm especially a fan of the fringe... fourth across, third down.


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