Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Simple Life

Life was simple when I was totally dependent upon someone else to meet all of my needs.

Life was still simple when I was dependent upon myself and no one else to meet all of my needs and do what I pleased.

Life was slightly less simple when I found a constant companion to consider but it was nice to have someone to share life with.

Life is far from simple now that I have not only the constant companion but two total dependents.

No more me time.

No more us time.

But I'd better make the most of it because one day this cycle will be reversed.

And right now I can't bear the thought of it just being us or me again.


  1. Wow, you make feel totally selfish. I can't wait for the day when it's all me and us time!

  2. You are spot on, Thea! So true. So very, very true!


  3. Hi Thea! So often I remind myself that the parenting journey we enjoy now will not be like this forever. The day will come when our job is done! Yes this saddens me. I love my life as it is today. Our children grow so quickly, too quickly, in a flash of time they'll be living life as they please and we'll be left reflecting and remembering these happy days :) I often want time to slow down, just a little, please!


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