Monday, April 19, 2010

A Blog Post By My 5 Year Old

Hello everyone, I'm Isaac, and I'm 5 and a half.

Mum was tagged by a nice lady called Lucy and so now I get to write a whole post on my mum's blog.

Last night I just couldn't get to sleep.  I tried and tried but I kept thinking of things I needed to tell Mum & Dad.  So Mum came and sat on my bed and told me about this special place I can go to in my imagination.  She said it has all the things that I love in it and it's just for me.  At first I didn't really know what she was talking about so I asked her what I might see there.  When she said I could maybe drive in cars like in my xbox360 games I started to get some really good ideas...

Here's some questions she asked me about it and my answers:

Mum - What is your special place called?
Me - The World of Power

Mum - What can you see there?
Me - My favourite games, xbox, rivers, birds, heaps of things. There are big rainbows that stay there forever. The whole sky is a rainbow.

Mum - What can you hear?
Me - Birds tweeting, the rivers, fish talking, and the birds talking to each other.  All of the animals talk to each other.

Mum - What can you smell?
Me - Flowers.

Mum - What can you do?
Me - Play xbox and Playstation games. I can drive in my own real car with a key down streets.  And it can drive for 1000 hours. My car is a really fast car, it goes 500 km/h. 

Mum - What colours are in your special place?
Me - The rainbow, the river water is all rainbow and all the birds are rainbows. And the rocks are rainbows and the grass.  Everything is rainbow (I'm giggling really hard as I tell Mum this 'cause it's funny!).

Mum - Do you like going to your special place?
Me - Yes! 2 billion percent.

Mum - When do you think you might go there in your imagination?
Me - Every night.

Mum - Does it help you get to sleep?
Me - Yes, a thousand percent.

Mum - Is there anything else you want to say about your special place?
Me - All the people there are my friends.  That's all.

Thank you for reading.  I hope this makes Mum's hits go up because I love looking at the graphs!

Now Mum says I have to pick five other mums to tag so they can interview their kids...any age, any topic. Mum is showing me everyone's pictures and I have to pick...

I picked...

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  1. Very pleased to meet you Isaac, you The World of Power sounds very cool, especially your car. Thanks for choosing me!!

  2. You want another round of interviews?

  3. Oh, YAY! I love this! What a gorgeous young man you are, Isaac.

    And such a clever mum too!

  4. Hi Isaac! I love your guest post, hopefully we might read some more from you one day!

    Also, good luck with the hits (I like looking at graphs as well)

  5. Oh Isaac, 1000% cool.I have been looking forward to hering from you.

    I suspect you and Charlie would be 1000% together.

    Tell Mummy she is a legend? This special place bizzo......pretty cool.

  6. That si so cool that all the animals talk to each other in your special place, can they talk to you too?

  7. Hi Isaac,
    Your place sounds so cool - I think my son Xander would love it :)
    My Daughter now has her own special place too, which helps her get to sleep, so please say thanks to your Mum for me for that (my daughter finds it really hard to get to sleep).
    Thank you for sharing.

  8. I read this to my 4 year old son, Scott. He thought it was cool and asked who wrote it. He would like to read more! Karin

  9. This is Isaac's mum, back again.
    Thank you so much for commenting. I read them all to Isaac and he grinned from ear to ear. You made my little boy's day! x

  10. Thanks for choosing us Isaac. Our interview is here!

  11. Sounds like a lovely place! Aren't you a cutie! Make sure you are always a good boy for your mum and give her lots of hugs and kisses! xxx

  12. Oh this so gorgeous thank you for sharing...Lucas...I really enjoyed reading with your permission can I pass it on my blog and share it...Thank You

  13. What a great post, I think I'd like to go to your World of Power too.


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