Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I Put on my Cranky Pants today - they were all I had in the wardrobe

Do I really wanna blog?
Yes, today I do.
But I don't know what to say...
I felt the same on Twitter last night.
I was there, checking in, reading tweets, for a couple of hours.  But tweeted nothing.
I had nothing to say.
I'm in a mood.
I don't like 'moods'.
This mood is making me cranky, angry even.
I don't know!!
Not fair, is it?
These womanly, moodily, hormonally, nasty, crappy moods.
I just want to whinge, or curl up in bed with the door shut all day.
Sadly I can't go back to bed, I have a 2 year old to tend to.
So I need to whinge.  Really, I NEED to.

So here's your chance, I've given the appropriate warning, anyone not in the mood to listen to me whinging may leave my blog now.  I won't be at all offended, I promise...


Who's still here?
Here goes, I'll try not to take up too much of your time.
Anyone want a cup of coffee or tea before I start?

  • I'm sick of having no me time.
  • I'm tired of having no friends.
  • I've run out of ideas for dinner because my husband is 'over' chicken, tuna, casseroles, sausages and I can't eat pasta, pastry or crumbs....I'm 'over' cooking dinner.
  • I'm mad at my kids for not playing nicely.
  • I have loads of housework to do but I just can't be bothered doing it.
  • My 2 year old is in the transition phase for dropping her daytime nap, so if she doesn't have one she's crazy all afternoon, and if she does she's up 'til 9pm.  It's wearing me out.
  • I actually got 8 hours sleep last night but more sleep means I'm stiffer from arthritis when I wake up.  I felt like an old woman walking out of my bedroom this morning.
  • I'm off wheat because it makes my arthritis worse and all I've wanted lately is Vegemite on bread. So yesterday I had THREE slices.  Possibly added to why I felt so stiff and sore this morning.
  • I've put on weight...again! I'm so angry with myself.  I eat too much.  Not much junk because I don't have it in the house, but just too much of everything.  I'm home all day, I pretty much eat all day.  I want to lose weight, not put it on. 
  • I'm supposed to be grocery shopping but I don't feel like chasing my 2 year old around the shops because she's just decided she likes to run everywhere.  She's 'over' walking.

Right, I think I'm done.
Whinge over.
Thanks for listening.
I'll be over it soon, I hope.

I think I need chocolate, and I don't even like chocolate that much.

Oh and great, a fly just landed in my coffee!


  1. Oh sweet, sweet girl. I consider you a friend and I wish I could pop over with an emergency meal. I hear you on the day time nap as well. I am going through the EXACT same thing here and many of the other things on your list.
    I won't offer advice, just know I understand
    Lots of love and internet y hugs

  2. i am feeling the exact same today and for the past 3-4 days! this is why i have been absent on twitter too - nothing nice to say very blrrrrrr!!!! :-( we are 2 peas in a pod lovely, lets hope we get better soon! x

  3. oh i so no how you feel and as i type - 8month old is crying in his cot and 3 year old is crying at kinder....terrific. Sending you a hug and giving myself one too. Oh shitty shitty day! Hope yours gets better. off to put the kettle on xx

  4. I was wondering where you where last night on Twitter.

    Days like this are totally crap. Don't you wish you could just curl up and read a book? :( Massive hugs, to you, from me, friend ;)

  5. Yep, I hear ya loud and clear sister!! I've had those days before. My two older boys are excuse me.....just had to yell at them for fighting again! Wishing you a better day tomorrow, and to all of us too:)

  6. Dear Friend,

    I thought my day was shite, but yours does seem worse.
    This has caused 2 things:
    1) I feel better that we are both in this together.
    2) I think I totally get what you feel like and I soooooo hope tomorrpw is brighter and easier for you.
    Love Ri xo ps- I really love reading your blog.

  7. Some days you just need to have a whinge to release the pressure. Hoping tomorrow is a better day and each one after that.

  8. Whinge whingety whinge whinge. Me too.

    I wish I could bring you beef satay sticks and nice coffee and some decent peace.


  9. Everyone needs a good whinge now and then. I am with you. I am 'over' cooking too.


  10. I'm with Seraphim. I think of you as a pal too. And if I was there, I'd take you to lunch, and we'd forget the housework and we'd talk blogging instead.

    I'm feeling like I need more direction to try and help me get more things done. I'm planning on doing up a timetable for my week. When the 3yo was born, I found it really hard to get everything done, so I made up a cleaning timetable back then. I cleaned 1-2 rooms per day. I worked out what days I'd do washing and what days I'd do this and that...and it worked really well. I got out of habit.

    So, I'm going to attempt that again.

    Maybe you could do something similar? Set aside time for the kids, cleaning, blogging, exercising? Looking at recipe books for ideas?

    We're in this together.


  11. One day I'll do a post like this too :) I'm sorry I don't live near you because then we could be rl friends as well as online friends :)

    Pasta, crumbs, pastry... you can get gluten free ones of each. Check You can even get puff pastry (but I make no guarantees as to the taste)

  12. i just followed a link of yours from sguiggles mum's blog. first time to yours, and i love that i found you on this day----i feel like i was reading what i may have written if i took the time to sit and write it. except mine would be ended with today being the 4 year anniversary of my brother ben passing away. life is nuts isn't it? i feel all these things with you!!!
    my darling 2 year old girl is going through the same things, while i try to manage giving really active time to my four year old son. and i'm tired, so very tired. i don't sleep well at night at all. and i hate cooking. if i had the money i would SO hire a cook. we so love our little ones; they are the greatest blessing, but some days i just wish i could be on my own.
    hearing you. thanking you. enjoying you.

  13. and then they run over, out of the blue, and hug you while saying "i love you mum" and then you feel guilty for ever wishing you were on your own.....

  14. Sometimes it just sucks doesn't it! I too am sick of cooking, actually I don't mind the cooking if someone would put all the ingredients in front of me and tell me that's what we're having.
    I get sick of all the "mum" phone calls, I'm thinking of changing my name to Dad, I'm sure that will solve it!

    Chin up, tomorrow is another day (I'm never sure if that's meant to cheer anyone up or not)



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