Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Rant (No More)

I was in the middle of composing a post that was effectively an Easter rant.  Until I read something by Zoey last night that prompted me to have a total change of heart about Easter (and Christmas).  I was dwelling on her words and had an epiphany, I love those moments!

I realized I was turning my guilt into anger and directed it at others.

Good old Catholic guilt!

I grew up in as a practicing Catholic and was quite righteous about it as a teenager.  Then in my early 20s I stopped going to Mass.  Now when days like Christmas and Easter roll around I remember how important they were from the Church point of view and how special it was going to these Masses with my family.

Now I'm left somewhere in the middle of knowing the meaning of these days from a religious point of view, and yet not celebrating them in a religious way.  And that left me feeling guilty.  And feeling angry towards everyone who celebrated these religious festivals with over-the-top spending on presents and chocolate eggs without even believing in or thinking about the true meaning of the occasions.

Then Zoey's words snapped me out of it.  Thank you, Zoey!!

These days have become cultural celebrations just as much as they are religious celebrations.  Everyone should be allowed to celebrate however they wish.  No strings, no pressure, no guilt.

I need to enjoy the day (especially with my small children) and not feel guilty, grumpy or self-righteous.

No rant necessary!



  1. I agree wIth what you :) it is a celebration no matter if you have faith in your life or not. My son said this morning while sitting down to chocchip pancakes. "Easter is about chocolate" and I replied, "to us it is but to many others Easter is a religious occasion" and we discussed that. I hope you have a happy Easter Thea whatever way your day goes :)

  2. Well said, Thea! Happy Easter, enjoy the day with your family. xo

  3. Happy Easter, lovely.

    I was the opposite. Growing up, we didn't go to church at all - so Easter was more about the eggs. However, my Mum always told me the true meaning behind it. Now I'm a Catholic, and my kids attend a Catholic school, we, of course, do the Easter egg thing, but we also attend mass. To be honest, I LOVE Easter at mass - and Christmas too - because there's so much happiness and sense of celebration.

    Thea - I feel you're on the verge of returning some time. When you're ready... I'm not pushing you AT ALL! But I just feel, from comments on my blog and on here, that you might just get back there someday. It might surprise you - because as far as I know - it's quite different to what it was when you were younger.

    Whatever you do though - enjoy your day!

  4. Thea, I am glad to have read this, and even gladder that you had a guilt dropping epiphany.....Happy Easter to you......

  5. Easter, Christmas, etc have always been about celebrating with family for us. Chocolate is just a nice bonus!

  6. The guilt comes from law - Jesus came and showed grace. No condemnation.
    Easter is all about Jesus for me - the one and only to ever die and rise, the tomb was empty - he is the living king.
    Chocolate is just an everyday treat - yum!
    Sending you love hope and grace


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