Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'm Just Not Cool

I know this is probably not cool.

I do not want to alienate anyone or turn anyone off my blog, but I'm going to speak my mind about something that's bothering me.

Something I find unattractive, ugly, hideous even!


Yes, I know. Almost everyone has them. They're oh so hot right now. Getting inked is the thing to do.  But it's a fad. It's the new body piercing, which was the new punk make-up, which was the new mohawk.  Trends come, trends go.  That's fine.  The thing that bothers me most about this trend is that people will stop doing it, yeah, but the existing ones are permanent. You can't take them out, wash them off, get a new haircut!  We have to be looking at them for evermore!!  It's like being in a room full of smokers when you're a non-smoker.   It's not something that is easy to ignore.  I can't not see them, the way you can't not breathe when you're near a smoker.

Will future generations be laughing at those crazy old people and their funny tattoos?

I'm not talking about a few small tattoos.  They can be beautiful.  I do understand why people would get tattoos with special meaning or significance.  I do not get why anyone would want to disfigure large parts of their body. 

I'm talking about the ones that look like gaudy painted sleeves.  Ones that cover arms, legs, backs, chests, faces, necks.  Especially on women.  That's my taste, my opinion.  I just don't like looking at it.  I know a lot of beliefs and understandings come from childhood associations.  I associate heavily tattooed bodies with bikies.  And I still find, to this day, the image of bikie gangs frightening.  Why would people want to emulate a group of outlawed criminals?  Do they want to scare small children and women with delicate constitutions? Is there another reason people are covering themselves with tattoos that I am not getting?? 

I suppose some people just love it and that's why they do it.

Me grizzling and grumbling about it every time I see it isn't going to make them go away.  So I'm going to try something new.  Next time I see a hideous tattoo I'm going to say...

"Each to his/her own."  Take a deep breathe and let it go.

But I am secretly hoping that tattoo removal becomes the next fad.  And that there are some people who are REALLY good at it!


  1. Same. Same same same same. And I do not care that I am not cool.

  2. I don't like them either. And I have one - just a little one on my ankle. It was an impulsive thing when I was 18 and I've hated it ever since - it's so not me. I'm now having it removed, which is VERY expensive and VERY painful.

    When people tell me they're going to get a tattoo, I don't tell them not to do it, but I do suggest they give it a LOT of thought. Don't do it on a whim like me.

    Geez - I did one rebellious thing in my life and it had to be something so permanent, didn't it!!!

  3. I completely agree! There is no such thing as an elegant tattoo, ever.
    Have you seen the circulon cookware ad, with the elegant elderly lady and the tattoo? The first time I saw it I yet out a huge squeal of delight at the truth of it.

  4. a) the idea of pain scares me
    b) I've had 3 c-sections. No one is giving me needles anymore unless it is under GA.
    c) I like small symbolic tattoos that mean something to the wearer.
    d) even if I really liked c) refer to a)

  5. Well, as you know I have a tattoo & am planning at least 1 if not 2 more! Each on is very significant to me and as a general rule I like tattoos, always have, always will. BUT, it's a personal choice, I am not offended by people who do not like mine, or tatts in general... we are all different & it's all the differences that make us unique.
    I did also have body piercings, but 2 children later no one wants to see that!
    I was alsp careful about placement so I wont have a circulon add moment... then again, by the time I'm 60, 70, 80 odd years old I'll just be happy I lived my life my way :)

  6. Hmm, I don't like them personally. Actually, I like them on Henry Rollins - but that's it. My husband has one, I don't like it. I particularly dislike them on women, but I can totally understand why people do it. I have a shaved head. That's not for everyone either. Without diversity this world would be a very boring place.

  7. Oh my. You would absolutely hate my husband Thea, he is covered in them. remind me to do a post on it soon.

    I'm not a fan of big ones on chicks- I know, that makes me a hypocrite ;) but I have a little one myself, and am planning on two more- for the kids- as soon as i finish breastfeeding.

  8. I agree. I don't like tattoos when they cover so much of someone's skin. I can live with a small one with special meaning or one that is just beautiful, but I would never get one... too pain intolerant = a woos:))

  9. I used to feel the same way about tattoos until we had foxtel a few years ago and I got hooked on Miami Ink *blush* . I loved that show, more because each person that went in to get a tattoo had a story behind the ink that they got. Mind you I am still taken aback when I see tattoos on people and have that negative feeling rush over me, but it passes quickly. I figure their body, their choice.

    I haven't got a tattoo, but think that if I was ever to get one it would need to be incredibly significant for me to be able to have it on me for the rest of my life..and so far I haven't been struck with any inspiration for one.

    Oh and I completely and totally agree with your sentiment that tattoos are the latest trend!

  10. Nice topic! :) I've been considering Tattoos for a while. Of course, considering means thinking about it.

    Wondering: At what point do you think tattoos become too much? And also, if someone gets a tattoo that is not visible to others, or they are happy with it, should we not allow it since it is someone else's bodies and we should let them be? It can be the same as makeup, in a more permanent manner. If we see someone with hideous makeup, we usually let them be instead of asking them to wash their face.

    Here is another post elsewhere on the topic:

  11. Thanks for the comments everyone, I love the differing opinions on this one.

    Lori - I'm sure I wouldn't hate your husband, you married him, he must be OK!! But his tatts might scare me! ;) xx

  12. Yeah, they're not my thang either. But it doesn't offend me seeing them, I just think wow, what alot of time, pain and cash!

  13. I considered getting a tattoo when I went through a health crisis a couple of years back--was thinking life is short, so why not? Hubby didn't think it was a good idea, and am glad I didn't. I don't mind if other people do it. It just isn't for me.

    Now what DOES bug me, is the kids who are putting those disks in their ears and stretching out their earlobes slowly until they have big disks like the tribes in Africa. That's something that is permanent and not likely to be something an older gent or lady is going to want when they're octogenarians.

    I hope my boys never take to that idea, because I don't think they'll appreciate being grounded for the entirety of their youth until they get that folly out of their heads.

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